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Forget Facebook! For social netwoofing, the number one choice for pet owners is
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Forget Facebook! For social netwoofing, the number one choice for pet owners is

The new MuttMate website is bringing dog owners together by providing a user-friendly and fun platform that focuses on community. Its clever geolocation targets your specific area so you only receive local information that’s relevant to you and your best friend.
Thanks to MuttMate, dog owners and doggy businesses can now connect easily within an area by ‘barking’ local news, offering discounts or finding walking buddies. As a registered owner you can post photos of your dogs and set reminders for things like vet appointments, keeping all your doggy stuff in one handy online place.
MuttMate brings power to dog owners by allowing them to search for their own specific requirements through the website. For example,you can search for particular breeds of dog or types of people, and you can even set up your own MuttClubs for others to join. You don’t have to share personal information in the same way as you would on other social networking sites either - it’s all about the dogs!
“The addition of our dog business directory and community newsfeed means that local doggy folk can find each other more easily and better communicate,” explains MuttMate founder Sarah Edwards. “From missing dogs and rescue shelter stories to group walkies and business offers nearby, MuttMate provides a local community platform from which new friends are made and canine information and news is shared.”
Doggy businesses are drawn to as, unlike a straightforward directory, it is actively used by dog owners. Businesses can take out Business Page subscriptions, which include free ‘bark’ alerts to dog owners within a certain radius of their location, reaching out only to their target audience.
Together with its blog – Doggy Tails and Other Titbits – has also been launched in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe. It’s a website with a global vision but it has kept its nose firmly in the grassroots of doggy communities.

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Pictured: MuttMate is the brainchild of digital media expert Sarah Edwards. Sarah came up with the idea when she had trouble finding a local dog sport club to join with her Hungarian Vizsla, Rozsa. She had also met other Vizsla owners on walks and wanted an online way to connect with them.

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