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UK dog owners demand more dog friendly restaurants, as Wetherspoons closes its doors to canine diners

Despite the news that British pub chain Wetherspoons is closing its doors to all dogs on 10th September, research conducted by Meerkat Meals, Compare The Market’s new 2 for 1 dining reward scheme, has found that 46% of British dog owners would actually dine out more often if they could bring their pet.


According to the findings from Meerkat Meals, this latest move from Wetherspoons may leave its customers hounding them for a U-turn, with the majority of those asked (62%) agreeing that there are not enough dog friendly restaurants in the UK. 


Sadly, over two thirds of Brits (67%) are unaware of any local dog friendly restaurants where they can dine out with their beloved pet and over a fifth (21%) of dog owners would be willing to travel up to nine miles to ensure they can dine alongside their pooch.


Julie Daniels, Head of Meerkat Meals, comments: “Eating out with friends and family can be a special occasion so it’s no surprise that bringing our beloved pets along only adds to the fun. According to our research, there’s a clear demand for dog owners to dine out with their pets, so making sure our four-legged friends get a seat at the dining table could be a great way for restaurants to encourage more customers through the doors.”

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