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50 firms in PetQuip-organised British pavilion at Interzoo

The PetQuip association will be organising the British group at Interzoo 2016 in Nuremberg in May this year. 

It will be the sixth time that the association has taken a group of British exhibitors to Interzoo, the world’s largest trade fair for pet supplies, and each time the participating companies have secured valuable overseas business. 

The exhibitor group in 2016 will comprise around 50 leading UK suppliers of a wide range of pet and aquatic products and the majority of the companies will be launching new and innovative items to the buyers attending from across the world.

The British Group and their products are:

Akela Wholeprey (Hall 9 – Stand 603c).  Food and accessories for dogs and cats.  British-made grain-free diets formulated with 80per cent duck, fish, chicken, turkey and egg and 20 per cent fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals.  The diet is based on the ancestral diet of wolves and wild cats.  The dry range is complemented by a new selection of wet foods in traditional and exotic flavours and a whole host of natural treats.

Animate (Hall 9 – Stand 508b).  Accessories for dogs; coats, beds, toys, leads and collars. 

Armitage Pet Care (Hall 9 – Stand 603a).  Range of seasonal confectionery and toys for pets.

Benevo Vegan Pet Food (Hall 9 – Stand 913a).  Wet and dry complete cat and dog foods. Dog biscuits and chews.  All vegan, GMO-free, certified vegetarian and vegan, approved by PETA.  Some are certified organic. (Hall 9 – Stand 501d).  UK manufacturers of high quality dog bedding and fabrics.

Butcher’s Pet Care (Hall 9 – Stand 519).  British producer of pet food.

Clear-Seal: Betta aquatic products (Hall 9 – Stand 515b).  Clear-Seal aquariums and the Betta range of aquatic dry goods, aquatic products.  The Betta Aquatic Products range comprises over 700 aquatic items including aquariums, aquarium accessories such as filters, lights, pumps and gravel; a vast selection of ornaments and décor including plastic and silk plants, fish food, ponds and pond accessories and reptile products, including several sizes of vivarium.  More recent additions include Betta Choice flake foods for tropical and cold water fish, artificial corals and coral reefs.

Cubic Aquarium Systems (Hall 9 – 505c).  Specialised aquarium systems designed specifically for jellyfish.  Also displaying UK bred jellyfish livestock and holding tanks.  The modern, elegant designs recreate the perfect living environment for aquatic occupants, allowing a slice of the ocean in the home or workplace.  A new Pulse 160 aquarium is being launched. 

Devoted Pet Foods (Hall 9 – Stand 507b).  Grain-free dog food.

Dog Rocks (Hall 9 – Stand 501b).  Proven natural solution to pet urine burn marks on grass.  Also pet drinking bowls.  The Dog Rocks’ product helps stop pet urine burn patches ruining grass and hedges. One pack of Dog Rocks placed in a dog’s water bowl will help keep lawns in tip-top condition for up to two months. Dog Rocks are the only 100 per cent natural and convenient solution proven to have no change to the pH balance of a pet’s urine.  A new 1 litre Torus bowl is being introduced that is suitable for smaller dogs and cats.

Earthbound (Hall 90 – 515a).  Dog beds, coats, leads, collars, harnesses and blankets.

Eden Holistic Pet Foods Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 505b).  Sells and markets complete dried food recipes for dogs and cats.

Fish 1st (UK) Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 500a).  Producers of super premium pet treats from a wide variety of Cornish fish.

Fold Hill Foods Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 513c).  Dry, baked and extruded pet foods.

Get Off – Blumen International (Hall 9 – Stand 506d).  A cat and dog training aid to prevent soiling and fouling incidences indoors and outdoors.  Working on conditioning basis, Get OFF deters the pet from reoffending.

Henry Wag (Hall 9 – Stand 506c).  Dog accessories, including beds, ramps, crates and mats.

Heritage Distribution Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 505d).  Aquatic products under the brand names of "Continuum Aquatics" and "Brightwell Aquatics".

Hilton Herbs (Hall 9 – Stand 501c).  Leading manufacturer of herbal supplements and health products for animals.

Hing Designs (Hall 9 – Stand 516b).  New additions to the current range of patented designer feeding bowls for dogs and cats.  The eye-catching design comes complete with non-slip rubber feet and a removable stainless steel bowl for ease of cleaning. 

Howler & Scratch by Phoenox Textiles (Hall 9 – Stand 500c).  British-made environmentally friendly, washable interior mats, rugs and runners.  Brands include the Hug Rug high quality washable mats designed for every room in the house in classic and contemporary designs; the Muddle Mat indoor washable barrier mats in cotton and hard-wearing nylon and the Howler & Scratch new range of barrier mats and runners that are washable and have antibacterial properties.

Jacobi Jayne & Company (Hall9 – Stand 513a).  British designed bird feeders and wildlife accessories.

Lily’s Kitchen (Hall 9 – Stand 502b).  Natural and nutritious food for dogs and cats.

Lintbells (Hall 9 – Stand 506b).  A new rebranded nutritional product range.  It includes YUMOVE joint supplement range for dogs and cats and YUMEGA range of skin and coat supplements that are designed to provide essential natural oils to reduce moulting, to improve dry and flaky skin and improve coat condition.    

Mackle Petfoods (Hall 9 – Stand 507a).  Super premium dog and cat food trays.  Products are made using 100 per cent natural ingredients and are fully traceable from farm to bowl.  The Naturo dog food is made with 60 per cent single source meat which provides protein and is easily digested.  The new Naturo cat food is made with 100 per cent natural ingredients, including 80 per cent meat.  The oils, vitamins and minerals promote healthy skin and fur.  Naturo cat food is free from grains which can often cause allergies. Naturo Baked Treats is a newproduct to complement the company’s existing range of complete wet pet food trays. Naturo Treats are delicious oven-baked mini biscotti, brownies and bones for dogs.

Micro-ID (Hall 9 – Stand 516a).  Microchips and scanners.

Modin Bed (Hall 9 – Stand 514a).  In-transit dog beds with an integrated anti-spill water bowl, used for cars, caravans, RVs, motor homes, boats and outdoors. 

Oakthrift Corporation Ltd (Hall 9 – 603b).  New Roamwild Pest-Off Bird Feeders, Roamwild poultry feeders, as well as the Garden Wrappies magnetic plant tie.  The bird feeders are 100 per cent squirrel proof, as well as being pet proof.  They have individually spring-loaded perches that do not need calibrating and only let songbirds feed, unlike other spring loaded feeder designs that need constant re-calibration to work effectively.  The poultry feeder has been designed to be vermin proof, meaning that there is no food wastage.  The plant friendly and reusable magnetic plant ties on show can be bent into any shape and are very easy to adjust during the growth of the plant.

Oggi’s Oven (Hall 9 – Stand 508a).  Biscuits, scones and cakes and treats for dogs for baking with children. 

PATS/Aqua (Hall 9 – Stand 503c).  The UK's largest pet and aquatics trade shows, set in three locations.

Pet Munchies (Hall 9 – Stand 507c) 100 per cent natural pet treats that are produced from human grade meat and fish. The range of premium gourmet treats has no artificial additives, preservatives, colours or flavourings. The products are also high in protein and low in fat and salt. They are also wheat, soya and gluten free.

PetQuip (Hall 9 – Stand 502a).   UK-based International Trade Association of Pet Equipment Suppliers.  PetQuip provides a catalyst for business contact between manufacturers, suppliers and international buyers, and membership is open to manufacturers and suppliers of pet equipment anywhere in the world.  The association offers a free UK pet product sourcing service to overseas buyers.

PetTime (Hall 9 – Stand 514b).  New communication system for dogs.  The innovative product utilises a wireless hub comprising a camera, microphone and treat dispenser together with a dedicated app for smartphone’s or tablets.  This enables dog owners to see, speak with and reward their dogs with tasty, nutritious treats even when the pet is left alone.  The PetTime system helps to enhance a dog’s emotional and physical wellbeing by providing them with attention when left alone.  In addition to reducing a dog’s stress levels and minimising the effects of loneliness, PetTime also creates increased playtime and training opportunities.  The company also produces a range of carefully formulated treats.

Pooch & Mutt (Hall 9 – Stand 503a).  Dog food, treats and supplements.  New grain-free 75 per cent meat treats are being launched in 2016.  Other products include Calming Crunchies,   Daily Dental and Sensitive Salmon natural, ethical, delicious hand-baked treats.  There is also ‘Calm & Relaxed’ premium grain free, complete dried dog food for dogs that tend to be anxious or excitable.  Other products include ‘Fresh Breath’ premium grain free, complete dog food that promotes breath freshness, oral hygiene and digestion; ‘Health & Digestion’ premium grain free food for dogs that have poor or sensitive digestive systems; ‘Move Easy’ premium grain free, complete food perfect for dogs with mobility issues or those that are highly active; ‘Slim & Slender’ premium grain free, complete dried food for dogs that are overweight.  To accompany its food range, Pooch & Mutt also offers a range of wheat-free functional healthy dog bone treats and health supplements.
Profleece (Hall 9 – Stand 601b).  Pet and vet bedding.

ROK Straps Europe (Hall 9 – Stand 516c).  Award-winning range of NO-JOLT Stretch Dog Leads that provides the ultimate in stretch strap technology.  There are eight colours within the range and four different size stretch dog leads to suit all sizes of dog.  The solid natural rubber core within the dog leads provides progressive tension which signals a dog to stop without the sudden jolt.  This helps to create a more enjoyable and safer walk for both the dog and pet owner.  The company also has a range of matching soft padded collars together with a range of anti-tangle stretch couplers.  New products at Interzoo will include harnesses and point-of-sale for the retailers.

Ruff and Tumble – The Ultimate Dog Drying Coat (Hall 9 – Stand 514c).   Double thickness cotton towelling dog drying coats for use after wet or muddy walks and at bathtime.  The coats will dry a dog in less than 30 minutes, making the whole process much simpler and cleaner for the owner.  There are also new arm-length double thickness cotton towelling mitts for drying wet or muddy paws and legs.

Shantys Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 607b).  Products include a tick remover and R2 Petcomb.

Spike’s World (Hall 9 – Stand 505a).   New food especially formulated for pet African Pygmy Hedgehogs. The 600g pouch is available as own-label in most countries and is expected to be a winner in this growing category.  Spike’s Dinner for wild hedgehogs and Wildthings Swan & Duck foods continue to show strong growth as consumers become more aware of the need to help these creatures.  Also new will be a Peck-It Treat Dispenser under the Feathers & Beaky brand, which will complement the other high quality products in the range.

SureFlap (Hall 9 – Stand 503b).  Range of microchip pet doors and the SureFeed microchip pet feeder.  Also promoting a new sealed pet bowl.

Symply, Canagan and Piccolo – nutrition for dogs and cats (Hall 9 – Stand 605).  Premium nutrition for dogs and cats as well as specialist small breed dogs.

TastyBone (Hall 9 – 601a) Leading UK manufacturer of nylon, edible and rubber chew and play toys produced from the finest quality materials and human grade flavouring, TastyBones meet the chewing needs of all dogs, no matter the size, breed, age or chewing strength.  Designed to promote good oral hygiene, while stimulating pets and helping to alleviate destructive boredom behaviour.  New flavours to the Dental range of nylon chews will be launched to the European market.

Vetbed® (Hall 9 – Stand 506a).  Bedding, healthcare and hygiene products for dogs, cats and small animals.  A number of new products are being launched at Interzoo, including additions to the popular Non-Slip Vetbed® range, including a Christmas themed range and a purple with white hearts, bones and paws. Petlife also plans to officially launch KarmaWrap to the European market.  The wrap is proven to reduce the symptoms of anxiety in most dogs and is easy to fit with no awkward leg straps.

Vitalin – The Natural Choice (Hall 9 – Stand 501a).  Dry dog and ferret food.  There will also be a new hypoallergenic super premium cat food consisting of Vitalin Kitten and Vitalin Adult Cat in both chicken and salmon varieties.  Vitalin Kitten provides high quality protein using 100 per cent British chicken.  Supplementary taurine is also added to promote healthy eyes and heart, as well as nucleotides to help ensure optimum growth and development for all kittens aged one to 12 months.  Vitalin Adult Cat is available in two flavours: 100 per cent British chicken and 100 per cent Scottish salmon.  These varieties contain all the benefits that are found in Vitalin Kitten as well as added glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to aid joint health.  Also new from Vitalin is Adult Large Breed for dogs.  It contains duck and potato and is grain-free with nutrient packed botanicals such as fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Waterlife (Hall 9 – Stand 500b).  Aquarium and pond products.  Main areas of activity include disease treatments, water conditioners, algicides, test kits, filter media, specialist foods, marine products including sea salt and pond products.  A naturally derived tea tree based medication called Nova + was launched recently.  It has a broad spectrum of action, treating parasites, bacteria and fungus making it ideal for professionals and for beginners who find it hard to identify fish illnesses.

Water Master Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 513b).  Cooling and drying products, including coats and towels.

Wild Manor (Hall 9 – Stand 607a).  Luxury indoor dog houses that match modern interiors and specifications.

Woofaloo (Hall 9 – Stand 613d).  Convenient and easy-to-use indoor/outdoordog toilet for puppies and small/medium dogs.

Woof and Brew (Hall 9 – Stand 508c).  Herbal teas, tonics and treats for dogs.

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