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British companies target $59 billion US pet market

Ten British pet product suppliers will be exhibiting in the PetQuip-organised group at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida next month (March 16-18). 

This follows the successes of the PetQuip group at the last five editions of the show.  

Seven of this year’s exhibitors will be receiving cash grants to help them exhibit, that the PetQuip association has secured for them from the British government.  

New products on show that demonstrate the diversity of the UK pet sector will include flying discs for dogs, bedding, feeding bowls, dog poo sprays, herbal supplements, dog chews and toys, veterinary products, poultry accessories,  indoor and outdoor dog toilets, wild bird accessories and various aquatic decor items.

The British companies and their products are as follows:

Armitage Pet Care (Booth 4471) will be exhibiting a large range of seasonal confectionery and toys for pets.  The company’s Christmas for Pets range includes a number of seasonal treats and toys for dogs, cats and small animals.  The selection includes chocolates, boxes of biscuits and chews for dogs, as well as Christmas stockings for dogs, cats and small animals.  Among the range of dog apparel are Santa coats, jumpers and a hat.  Advent calendars for dogs will also be shown.

Beco Pets (Booth 4081) is one of Britain’s biggest manufacturers of eco-friendly pet products, and will be exhibiting alongside its distributor Pet Product Innovations.  Completely new for the show is The Beco Flyer, a flying disc dog toy that whizzes through the air to the delight of its canine catchers.  All of Beco Pets' products on show are designed in Great Britain and provide long-lasting fun. The company’s range covers all four main life activities of dogs and cats i.e. ‘Fetch’, ‘Eat’, ‘Poop’ and ‘Sleep’.  The products comprise toys, bowls, poop bags and beds. Beco’s dog and cat bowls are made with bamboo fibres taken from off-cuts from chopsticks.  The beds contain stuffing made from recycled plastic soda bottles, and the toy- like bones are made from 100 per cent natural rubber.

Hilton Herbs (Booth 651) is a leading manufacturer of pure herbal supplements for animals.  All products are formulated by the firm's medical herbalist and manufactured in the UK using European human grade herbs and tinctures.  The company prides itself on providing pet, horse, poultry and bird owners with an extensive, unique range of effective, palatable, easily administered top quality herbal supplements, healing creams, shampoos and lotions. Hilton Herbs holds the UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme) accreditation which guarantees traceability of all product ingredients from field to feed.  Two new dog products will be launched at Global Pet Expo.  They are a Canine Adrenal Support and Canine DeTox Support.

Hugo Kamishi (Booth 4478) has added a range of new decor and accessories to its aquatic product range.  Newly introduced items include bonsai, matting plants, moss balls and a premium range of bushy plants.  The range caters for all tastes from green, very realistic options to brightly coloured fun elements. The newest addition to the range is the silicon plant range which adds a floaty dimension to an aquarium that plastic is unable to achieve.  There are also new plant and rock packs that are similar to ‘paint by numbers’.  They allow anyone to turn their aquarium into a fully aquascaped display within a few minutes.  The addition of synthetic corals will help fish keepers to achieve a marine feel to their aquarium.

Petface (Booth 4470) is one of the UK’s leading pet accessories suppliers, and will be showcasing a variety of new innovative dog toys and wild bird accessories on its booth.  A key aspect of Petface’s success has been its continuous programme of new product launches. Some of the latest products in the dog toys sector are super-tough ‘plush’ toys that have triple layer construction, comprising a plush outer fabric, a chew resistant mid layer and a semi-ridged inner rubber frame.  This technology is combined with quilting stitch work on the outer layer designed to help prevent any tears ‘running’.  Also new is a selection of rubber and nylon chew toys.  Also being exhibited are wild bird feeders, which feature the company’s LokTop system that uses the feeder wire hanger to lock the lid closed.   This feature helps to protect against the elements and keeps the food drier and fresher. It also deters unwanted visitors from opening and stealing feed.  Also new are bird-friendly perches, easy clean accessories and seed feeder port designs.

PetQuip (Booth 4467) is the International Trade Association of Pet Equipment Suppliers.  The PetQuip team assists and promotes the development of international trade in the pet equipment sector, providing a catalyst for business contact between manufacturers, suppliers and international buyers.  The PetQuip Buyers’ Guide, which includes a directory of members’ product ranges, will be available to all buyers visiting the PetQuip booth.  UK exhibitors in the PetQuip-organised group will be located in a prime position within a British-branded and themed pavilion area as part of the organiser’s international pavilion.  

POO Guard (Booth 4474) will be showing its spray product that will kill bacteria and viruses, including Parvovirus that remains on the ground after dog poo has been bagged.  The product addresses an ongoing health issue with dog poop.  Whenever dog mess is bagged, millions of harmful bacteria and viruses are unavoidably left on the ground.  In high footfall areas these can be spread quickly and can include E-Coli and Salmonellosis which infect humans and dogs alike, and viruses such as Parvovirus which can kill puppies in particular.  The spray can be used anywhere outdoors and is particularly beneficial for locations where young children and dogs share the same play areas.  Other areas where the use of POO Guard is essential are communal parks, campsites, picnic spots, beaches and pavements.  Although highly effective, the spray is harmless to the environment and is veterinary practitioner -approved in the UK.

Spike’s World (Booth 4469) will be showing its premium poultry accessories and wild and African pygmy hedgehog foods.  For the backyard poultry sector, there is the Feathers & Beaky range of premium innovative accessories. It includes a Feeder and Top-fill Drinker that offers many benefits not seen in cheaper products and due to the robust materials used will last many years longer.  Another poultry item is The Veg Holder and Peck-It Treat Dispenser that helps to deter vermin and to prevent poultry from becoming bored.  Spike’s Hedgehog Food for pet African pygmy hedgehogs is new to the market and is specially formulated to provide optimum nutrition for this increasingly popular pet.

The TastyBone Company Ltd (Booth 2701) is a leading UK manufacturer of nylon chew and play toys, and will be exhibiting alongside its distributor Rolf C Hagen.  TastyBone is adding six new brand lines to its popular ‘Dental’ range of dog chews that include two flavours to stimulate a dog’s taste-buds.  All bones are designed and manufactured in TastyBone’s own UK factory, using only the finest quality materials and human grade flavouring.  The company’s aim is to lead the way into the next generation of pet products by creating new and innovative premium products that provide fun, are flavoursome and promote good oral hygiene.

Vetbed® (Booth 4472) will be exhibiting its bedding, healthcare and hygiene products for pets. Vetbed’s manufacturer, Petlife International Ltd, has manufactured and exclusively distributed a wide range of quality pet care and veterinary products for dogs, cats, small animals and pigeons for the past twenty years, and a number of new products are being introduced to the US market at the show.  These include the Original Vetbed®, which has been used, trusted and recommended by leading vets and pet professionals for 20 years. There is also a range of Flexabed thermally insulated bedding, together with a range of Safebed disposable paper based bedding products for small animals.  A range of high visibility clothing for dogs and cats, and a microwavable Hotties heatpad for dogs, cats and other small animals will be shown to US buyers for the first time.  Also on the Vetbed® booth is the water-resistant antibacterial KarmaWrap that induces a sense of security and calm when worn by a dog. 

Woofaloo (Booth 4476) is a convenient and easy-to-use indoor or outdoor dog toilet for puppies and small to medium sized dogs. Woofaloo has been developed to match a dog’s natural behaviour to wee near trees and shrubs.  The toilet consists of a plastic litter tray that has rubber feet to prevent slipping.  The tray contains an upright plastic tree-shape that has a branch pattern to channel urine into the tray.  The tree assembly can be laid flat in the tray for ease of travelling.  It is a modern product that suits busy lifestyles, and is both functional and easy to clean.

PetQuip is the International Trade Association of Pet Equipment Suppliers. The PetQuip team assists and promotes the development of international trade in the pet equipment sector, providing a catalyst for business contact between manufacturers, suppliers and international buyers.  

Contact details: telephone +44 (0) 44 1959 565995; fax +44 (0) 1959 565885; email; website

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