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Tetra extends specialist range for bottom-feeding fish

Tetra has refreshed its specialist food range with the relaunch and extension of the Wafer range. The range includes new ingredients that will appeal to bottom-feeding fish species even more.

The Wafer range aims to help consumers select the right kind of food for the fish in their aquariums allowing them to remain healthy and nourished.

Bottom-feeding fish require rapidly sinking food which keeps hold of vitamins and are not all eaten by surface and midwater feeding fish leaving only small fragments available. Although bottom-feeding fish will feed on other fish waste and algae in the aquarium’s walls, plants and stones it will not provide them with all the nutrients they need.

Tetra’s new family wafer offers high quality and specialist bottom feeder food which are highly appealing and nutritious. The updated range now includes the following products in a new pouch bag design to increase ease of use and lock in freshness:

  • Tetra Pleco Wafers – premium staple food for herbivorous bottom fish. Tetra Pleco Wafers now as 2in1 Veggie Wafers and Algae Wafers. The complete feed for all herbivorous bottom-feeding fish, enhanced with a biologically balanced 2in1 formula and essential fibres for easy digestion.
    • Tetra Pleco Algae Wafers - for algae-grazers - nutritionally balanced vegetable food with essential Spirulina algae protein to meet the specific nutritional needs of algae-grazing fish and enhanced immunity. Available in 3 feeding sizes: 42, 85g and 150g pouch bags.
    • Tetra Pleco Veggie Wafers - pure vegetable feeding - containing courgette which are rich in minerals for improved well-being and vitality. Available in 42g pouch bag
  • Tetra WaferMix – premium staple food for omnivorous bottom fish. This supreme food mix for bottom feeding fish guarantees a varied and optimal nutrition. The complete, balanced mixture contains Shrimps for healthy growth, as well as Spirulina Algae for improved resistance. Available in two feeding sizes: in 68g and now in 10g pouch bag as a trial pack.
  • Tetra CoryShrimp Wafers – a feast for Corydoras. Brand new 2in1 formula specifically developed for Corydoras: contains 10 % Brine Shrimps and is rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids for healthy growth. Available in 42g pouch bag

Céline Rignault, Trade Marketing Manager Tetra comments; “At Tetra we are dedicated to providing fish keepers with specialist food and equipment which is vital for ensuring fish live a happy and healthy life. Bottom-feeding fish require rapidly sinking food which retains vital vitamins on its way down which is why we’ve ensured our new range is nutritionally balanced and includes key ingredients to correspond to the needs of these species.”

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