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Dog Rocks tackles the burning issue of lawn damage

According to a new survey carried out by Dog Rocks, 85% of dog owners currently experience urine burns in their gardens and 75% use a preventative method to help solve the problem.

A spokesperson for Dog Rocks said the purpose of the survey was to gain a deeper understanding of dogs' drinking habits and the impact their urine has on gardens,

"We can demonstrate how pets and their owners will enjoy their gardens in harmony as we move into Spring, through the use of Dog Rocks.
"Generally, our dog’s toilet patterns aren’t something we pay close attention to, we simply open the back door or walk our dogs and let nature take its course.

"Despite this, the results from the survey show that we do notice the impact dog’s toilet habits have on our homes and gardens."
Overall, 237 dog owners across the UK and USA took part in the Dog Rocks survey, owning approximately 380 dogs in total.
Survey Results
  • 96% of dogs have access to a garden
  • 90% use the garden as one of the main areas to urinate
  • 85% of dog owners currently experience urine burns in their gardens
  • 75% use a preventative for urine burns on their lawn and shrubs
  • Dog Rocks was most popular urine burn preventative product used by those who took the survey
  • 54% pet owners feed their dog’s dry food. This is in comparison to raw, wet and a combination of wet and dry, the second most popular. Dry food often leads to dogs drinking more water.
  • 40% of dogs drink more than 2 litres of water a day, leading to weeing more frequently.
  • 55% of survey takers owned female dogs over male dogs. Female dog’s urine can cause more damage to our lawns, as, unlike male dogs who tend to spray in several locations, female dogs go in one area, releasing more nitrogen in one go.
Dog Rocks is the only natural prevention and cure to these unsightly urine burn marks, there is no other product that ensures your garden is kept in such good condition, all year round, naturally and conveniently.

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