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Inside the world’s most dog-friendly office

A pet product company in America claims to have the most dog-friendly office in the world.

Kurgo is a manufacturer of dog travel supplies and accessories for active dogs, and is based in Massachusetts.

The company’s dog-friendliness started right back when the offices were first designed. It managed to get hold of a massive 4,000 foot warehouse back in 2015, and quickly set to work on creating spaces that were comfortable for workers and their dogs.

Workers have their own little pens with fake grass, plus a dog door, if they need some dog-free time.

Meeting spaces have chairs at perfect dog-patting height, and wide, open spaces allow the dogs to roam freely.

There are plenty of toys for dogs to play with, which helps with the product-testing process.

And there's even a special pet shower to wash away those muddy paws after the lunchtime office dog walk.

Ninety percent of the employees have dogs, and they’re all encouraged to bring their pets into work every day.

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