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New book tackles quirks of cat behaviour

In this inventive, surprisingly funny, highly entertaining and practical book Engineering for Cats by Mac Delaney (Workman, £11.99), addresses the quirks of cat behaviour through the mindset of an aerospace engineer.


The book reveals 10 projects that solve the most common sources of friction affecting cats and their doting owners.


How to Build:

  1. Cat Cave
  2. Bunk Beds
  3. Drawbridge
  4. Cat Door
  5. Drinking Fountains
  6. Litter Box Cabinet
  7. Cat Treat Slot Machine
  8. Cat Wheel
  9. Simple Scratcher
  10. Simple Cat Shelf

Cats like furniture for claw sharpening, and prefer running water to still. Because cats don’t trust still water (in the wild, a stagnant pool can harbour disease), they’re often dehydrated and grumpy. Here’s how to build not one but two different fountains that will provide fresh, moving water.


Or another problem: Cats, diminutive in stature, can feel inferior around humans, causing them to play up negatively. The solution: Erect a cat shelf on your wall, giving your pet a prime perch and a height advantage.


And that furniture scratching problem? Construct the Cat Cave—it has angled surfaces for optimal scratching, a curved top for ergonomic lounging, a carpeted interior for perfect napping, and an escape route out back for emergency exits.


For any cat lover with a modicum of DIY skills, here’s a whole new approach to living happily ever after with your pet.


Mac Delaney is an aerospace engineer at United Technologies in San Diego. His two cats, Pepe and Nellie, were the inspiration for this book.

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