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New team spreads the word about eco-pet firm 'Beco'

Beco Pets, Britain’s biggest manufacturer of eco-friendly pet products, avoided waste on special materials when they announced new staff arrivals at their growing company.
True to the spirit of staying conscious of the environment, the resources they chose to spell out the news were their own human resources, namely themselves.
The fresh recruits, all hired in the past three months, formed a human alphabet to spell the word “Beco” – proving that team members joining the award-winning firm like to have fun.

Britain’s ‘greenest’ pet product company and the UK's leading poop bag specialists, have sold more than 10 million bags to 15 countries around the world.

And a major new product range, representing Beco’s biggest project in their seven-year history, will be unveiled at the PATS Sandown’s trade show in March.

Months of secret design work, planning and a major investment have gone into the new range, which is still under wraps, waiting to be premiered at the UK’s number one pet trade event.
The London-based company’s UK and international success has brought growth and Team Beco is expanding fast as a result, with five new members.
Meet Becky Lambert, Beco’s new Nottinghamshire-based Sales and Account Manager, who covers the east of England, East Midlands and Yorkshire.

Marcia Saul, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with Psychology, is Beco’s new Sales Executive. And three new junior designers have also been taken on, Odile Stabon, Paramjit Sembhi, and Venetia Manuel.

The bright, new, talented trio, also proud members of the Beco Human Alphabet team (pictured), are the cutting edge of design at Beco, where their eco-friendly pet toys, bowls, bones and beds are all designed in Britain before being sold to 43 countries worldwide.

Joining Beco Pets was “a perfect fit” for Becky Lambert, who owns four cats, (Becky, left, with cat Russell). Becky is passionate about the eco-lifestyle, and is a dedicated recycler at home.

Becky makes household dusters from her old clothes, turns soda bottles into garden bird-seed feeders, and is “dedicated to recycling, saving the planet and animal welfare”.

“We have got to protect Mother Earth,” says Becky. “I love Beco products and the ethos. Beco Pets is a perfect fit for me and all my friends and customers have said exactly the same thing.”

Another Beco Team newcomer, Sales Executive Marcia Saul, often visits Indonesia, where her parents hail from. Litter and air pollution are major environmental issues there that threaten to blight an otherwise beautiful country. “I have always been very environmentally conscious,” said Marcia, “that’s why working at Beco feels right.”

The duo behind the recruitment drive are Beco Pets Co-Founders, Design Director Toby Massey (pictured above, left) and George Bramble, Sales Director.

George said: “A company is only as good as its people, and at Beco we are very lucky to have a fantastic team that is full of passion for pets and the environment. With some exciting developments in the pipeline we will be looking for more Beco Family members in the coming months, so if you think Beco Pets is right for you, please get in touch!.”
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