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Exciting toys set for major launch at PATS Sandown

PetSafe Brand will be introducing two exciting additions to its popular toy range for cats and dogs – the PetSafe Grip ‘n Tug and the FroliCat Fox Den Automatic Cat Teaser – at PATS Sandown on March 20-21.

Show attendees will be able to learn more about the new toys on Stand G1 as well as view recent popular items from the broad PetSafe Brand range which includes Pet Doors, Easy Walk and EasySport Harnesses, Drinkwell Pet Fountains and Solvit Travel & Access products. 


PetSafe Brand experts will be on hand to chat through the items and the brand’s focus on developing high quality products that enhance the relationship between owners and their pets.

Below is an overview of key products that will be on show at Stand G1. To find out more about PetSafe® Brand in the meantime, visit the website at

Perfect for playtime

Play & Challenge toys from PetSafe Brand make playtime fun for cats and dogs of all ages while also challenging them mentally to keep them actively engaged.  The following brand-new toys will be on show at PATS:

NEW! PetSafe Grip ‘n Tug™, £12.99 – this durable toy provides a rewarding, safe and fun experience for dogs and owners and is a wonderful way to train dogs with basic commands like “drop it.” Its smart design means the fleece and rope braided tug does not get stuck in a dog’s teeth or gums and its protective handle makes it safer and less tiring for pet owners.  Conveniently, the “Tugs” are detachable, meaning they can be both machine washed and replaced once worn (replacement Tugs can be bought separately).

NEW! FroliCat Fox Den Automatic Cat Teaser, £25.99 – this fun and unique addition to the popular FroliCat range excites cats by teasing them with a realistic fox tail. The sly fox hides in his den, waiting to shake his realistic fuzzy tail at unexpecting cats.  The toy has a “Play-All-Day” mode allowing pet owners to entertain their cats when they are not home, and its inbuilt motion sensor will automatically shut off the toy when it’s not in use.

Pet Doors

The PetSafe Brand range of pet doors have been designed to give pet owners more control over their home while giving pets the freedom they need and deserve.

PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap, £79.99 – the latest addition to the PetSafe® Brand pet door range, this high-tech cat flap gives pets easy access to the outside world while keeping out troublesome unwanted cats and other animals. It works by reading a cat’s unique microchip ID and doesn’t require an additional collar or accessory. Suitable for cats up to 8kg, it can be easily programmed for up to 40 microchipped cats, making it ideal for both single and multi-cat homes. The door is extremely secure, boasting a reinforced dual auto-latch with a four-way manual lock. Furthermore, it features a built in draught excluder.

Extreme Weather Pet Door, from £50.99 – this is the perfect door for extreme hot or cold climates, boasting maximum energy efficiency that is 3-1/2 times higher than standard single-flap doors in the PetSafe Brand range.  Suitable for cats or dogs, the 3-flap system protects homes from the elements while giving pets the freedom to come and go. With a durable plastic frame, this well-designed door fits most doors and interior or external walls.

Fabulous feeders

Automatic pet feeders from PetSafe® Brand enable owners to manage their pet's feeding schedule and maintain portion control even when they can't be there in person.

Digital Two Meal Pet Feeder, £50.99 – this clever feeder allows pet owners to manage pets’ diets even when they’re not at home. Ideal for cats and small dogs, the convenient automatic feeder system has a digital display that lets owners set the timer for each meal up to four days in advance. Battery operated, each section can hold a portion size equal to 355 ml, so pet owners can be assured their pets will get the right portions at the right time. Dual locking lids also ensure that pets can’t access the food early.

Tip top training
PetSafe Brand has many solutions to help teach dogs to curb their excessive barking behaviour in a matter of days.  One of the most effective methods are Ultrasonic Bark Control deterrents which release an ultrasonic sound each time a dog barks.

PetSafe Indoor Bark Control, from £23.99 – this clever device has an internal microphone that automatically emits an ultrasonic tone when it is within range of a barking dog.  The high-pitch tone is silent to humans but surprises dogs, causing them to stop barking.  In time, the device should stop dogs making excessive noise as they come to associate their bark with the unpleasant sound. Effective up to eight metres, the device can be used in one room or a second device can be used for multi-room coverage.

Travel time
Pet owners increasingly want to take their pets with them when they go places, which means lots more trips in the car. To help keep people and pets travel safe, PetSafe Brand has introduced several products to prevent driver distraction and comfortably restrain pets.

Solvit Standard Pet Safety Seat, £69.99 – this handy booster enables pet owners to give their dogs a ride with a view. With its rigid internal structure that integrates with the vehicle seat belt and quilted cover with fleece liner, the seat comfortably and securely cradles dogs.  The booster seat can be quickly fitted in one minute in the front or back seat and holds one or more pets up to 13.5kg.

Solvit Deluxe Pet Safety Seat, £78.99 – for even more comfort, pet owners can try the Deluxe version of the seat which has the same design but includes a plush quilted faux suede shell with quilted plaid liner.

Access all areas
With advancements in care and nutrition, pets are living longer, and many need help getting places.  PetSafe Brand has a range of ramps and stairs perfect for reaching vehicles and medium to high elevations in the home, helping reduce stress on pets’ joints.

Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp, £112.99 - this adjustable, lightweight ramp has a high-traction walking surface and gives pets easy access to both vehicles and furniture.  The ramp can support over 180kg with no bending and its adjustable design extends from 96 to 182cm. Alternatively, there is a slightly larger model of this ramp, the Deluxe XL Telescoping Ramp, £150.99, which is 38cm longer and 8cm wider and best for when pets need a flatter climbing angle.

Solvit Triscope Ramp, £139.99 – this adjustable, lightweight ramp is an ultra-compact solution to help dogs reach vehicles and their favourite furniture.  Weighing just 6kg, the ramp has a clever three-piece compact telescoping design meaning it can extend from 71 to 177cm with no folding required.  It can support over 135kg, making it ideal for even large pets.

Solvit UltraLite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp, £69.99 – the lightest full-size ramp on the market, this nifty product allows pets to safely get up and down with less stress on their joints (and pet owners’). Weighing just under 5kg and supporting over 90kg, the all-plastic ramp gives pets a sure footing with its high-traction walking surface and four rubber feet.

Solvit PupSTEP®+Plus, £48.99 – these portable stairs help pets reach their favourite elevated places, such as a sofa or bed. Pets can travel up and down safely with the built-in side rails and non-skid feet and the steps are foldable for easy storage. Lightweight at just over 2kg, the steps can support over 50kg, making them ideal for small-medium sized pets.

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