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Politician in hot water over dangerous dogs claim
A politician has been criticised after admitting he is responsible for signs that warn of 10 breeds 'too dangerous' for families.

Alan Tobin, a councillor for Ashbourne Municipal District in in County Meath, Ireland, posted a photograph of one of the signs on his Facebook page on Sunday evening.

His caption explained the background behind the signs, saying: "As a dog owner I'm absolutely delighted that signs I've asked for, with pictures, showing the dangerous breeds of dogs have been erected over the past week.

"It still amazes me that some people think these dogs are ideal family pets."

The 'public safety notice' includes photos of 10 different breeds and warns they should be leashed or muzzled, wearing a collar bearing the owner's name and address and be under the control of someone over the age of 16.

Mr Tobin's admission he is responsible for the signs has caused a great deal of anger in the comments on his post, which has been shared more than 97,000 times.

One annoyed Facebook user, Jacqulyn Delaney, even took it upon herself to Photoshop a muzzle on to the picture of Mr Tobin.

She wrote: "Here's another picture of a dangerous breed it's known as a "politician" they talk absolute s***e and also should be muzzled."

Her comment alone has received more than 77,000 likes and counting.

The 10 dogs listed are:
  1. American Pit Bull Terrier
  2. Rhodesian Ridgeback
  3. Bull Mastiff
  4. Doberman Pinscher
  5. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  6. Rottweiler
  7. German Shepherd
  8. English Bull Terrier
  9. Japanese Akita
  10. Japanese Tosa
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