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TastyBone business sold to Pets Choice as managing director Ken Seymour annouces retirement after 43 years in pet trade
Torus celebrates first consumer show at Crufts
Three million overweight dogs targeted as Beco Pets launches Canine Health Campaign
Butcher’s Pet Care plans for £7m factory expansion
'People & Pets' idea could save the NHS £2.5b a year
New pet store opens in Greater Manchester
Barking Heads now available in Tesco stores
PATS Sandown welcomes impressive list of new exhibitors
Webbox goes Grain Free
Chuckit! exhibiting its range of toys at PATS Sandown
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Aquatics store forced to close because of anti-social behaviour
BSB Products rolls out Carnilove dog food into UK market
Quit smoking for pets’ sake, urges PDSA
Diet’Dog launches new supplement for dogs and cats
Shortlisted pet food brand celebrate success
Agria Pet Insurance launch domestic rabbit policy
CSJ targets Porky Pooches
Introducing the new ACANA Heritage range of Biologically Appropriate dog food
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Diet’Dog launches new supplement for dogs and cats
Diet’Dog is launching its newest product at Crufts this week...Digest’Bioactive, a probiotic and prebiotic complex supplement for dogs and cats.
Digest’Bioactive is highly recommended to promote intestinal health and a stable intestinal flora in certain situations: change of diet, stress, difficulty digesting food, after or alongside the use of antibiotics, following illness, travel or surgery, after worming.

Its unique formula works by encouraging the friendly bacteria to multiply and to crowd out harmful bacteria. Friendly bacteria will then create unfavorable conditions for the growth of undesirable bacteria.

It is also high in vitamins B and K, both essential for health, the production of mucus in the bowel (which has a protective effect on the lining) and encouraging the gut to repair itself.
The product comes in the form of palatable granules that can be given daily whole or sprinkled and mixed with normal food as long as considered necessary or as advised by a veterinary surgeon.
With regards to prices:
  • 150g tub: trade price: £8.70 RRP: £21.49
  • 300g tub: trade price: £16.30 RRP: £39.49
Diet’Dog is offering a 10% discount on any first trade order of Digest’Bioactive.
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