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Nature’s Feast brand breaks into small animal food

Following extensive research and development, Nature’s Feast will be strengthening its offer with the launch of a new small animal food collection.

The collection features a range of food, treats and hay for rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, an area which represents a £72m market opportunity year on year1.

The Nature’s Feast brand is now perfectly poised to add value to the category, using extensive consumer insight and product research. It has identified a gap in the market, with 43% of shoppers buying both mixed food and pellets, as they perceive nuggets alone to be boring and processed, despite their health credentials2. A new range offering the health benefits of nuggets, with the variety and interest of mixed grass and vegetables will be launched to the trade in July, alongside care guides, POS and other educational support.

An independent one month trial involving 68 rabbits and guinea pigs gave impressive results for this new range of products. It demonstrated the animals were more likely to forage (alieving boredom), but still ate all the food within 24 hours (ensuring nutritional needs were met)3. This indicates the emotional enrichment provided through their ability to express natural behaviours.

Items in the range include:
  • Nature’s Feast Rabbit Food – A blend of nuggets with 8% real grass, fruit and vegetables. Rich in fibre with natural prebiotics and linseed for Omega 3.
  • Nature’s Feast Guinea Pig Food - A blend of nuggets with 8% real grass, fruit and vegetables. Rich in fibre with natural prebiotics and linseed for Omega 3. With added Vitamin C.
  • Nature’s Feast Hamster Food – A blend of nuggets with 20% fruit and vegetables. Rich in protein from poultry meat meal, with natural prebiotics and linseed for Omega 3.
  • Nature’s Feast Snack Selection – A healthy mix of natural snacks to feed straight or to mix in with food or hay. Presented in a 3-pack of different flavours: Fruit Garden, Vegetable Patch and Flower Garden.
  • Nature’s Feast Garden Forage – A blend of 5 varieties of grass and hay topped with a delicious mix of flowers. Encourages foraging.

Rachael Dickinson, Senior Marketing Manager said: “Through our targeted research and insight we’ve developed a range of products that will add value back into the category with a natural, premium brand. This range will encourage animals to forage, yet provide them with optimum nutrition. All products are visually appealing to the pet owner, plus nutritionally and emotionally good for their animals.”

“We know that small animal owners are concerned about the health of their pets, but also want a food that will provide interest and variety. This new range is in a unique position as it meets both these needs, plus it’s being launched by a well-established brand with the knowledge and experience to drive this forward.”

1 PFMA Report 2015
2 Independent Primary Research 2015
3 Independent trial completed by Moulton College 2016


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