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Win a fully stocked Benyfit Natural freezer at PATS

Benyfit Natural, one of the newest and fastest growing raw food manuafcturers on the market, will be unveiling its new branding at PATS Telford 2016 and the company is delighted to be exhibiting there for the first time.

The new packaging consists of convenient tubs with the meat contents blast-frozen to maintain their texture and taste. The tub surrounds carry an attractive tree design with a different breed of dog on each one to denote its variety.

The tubs themselves are BPA free. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. Some research has shown that BPA can seep into food or beverages from containers that are made from it and that exposure to BPA can lead to possible serious health effects.  All the new Benyfit Natural packaging is made from recycled materials and is also recyclable.   

With a growing reputation for being one of the best premium raw food diet brands to recently emerge on to the scene, the team at Benyfit Natural together with their advisers who consist of vets, nutritionists, dog trainers and behaviourists believe the old adage that you only get out what you put when it comes to  dog nutrition. That is why they have developed a range of frozen raw food recipes for working dogs and dogs with specific dietary requirements that combine the right balance of quality raw ingredients, vitamins and minerals to maintain the health, vitality and bounce of any dog performing in the showring,  out in the field or in their day to day lives.

The company’s founder, Ben Van Praagh, himself a leading gundog trainer who has competed across the UK with his dogs in gundog trials, is also a qualified chef having trained at Crawley College. With his belief that a balanced diet leads to balanced behaviour, he has been able to combine his understanding of training dogs with his nutritional background in order to produce a range of foods that are not only natural but are also nutritionally balanced and biologically appropriate.

Following the evolutionary principle that dogs are descended from wolves and other wild canines it is believed that our modern day domestic dogs are not genetically programmed to process quantities of grains, cereals and other fillers such as soya that are often found in many other commercial foods. A balanced diet, similar to that of humans that combines acceptable amounts of animal protein, fruit and vegetables will lead to healthier lives for dogs. The feeding of a raw bone and raw meat diet is also thought to have many health benefits including helping to prevent ear and gland infections, skin allergies, diabetes, heart and joint problems. The feeding of raw bones is also good for the health of a dog’s teeth and gums.


The Benyfit recipe range is available in Puppy, Adult and Senior life stages using a variety of meats such as chicken, tripe and beef. The complete diets also contain ground bones, carrot, broccoli, swede, offal, flaxseed oil, kelp and herbs as well as raw eggs all of which offer a natural combination of vitamins, minerals, omega oils and amino acids to produce a healthy skin, coat, joints, thyroid and cell production as well as helping to support the immune system. The adult food is coarsely minced to provide the texture that dogs like and the Premium Blend range contains a combination of venison, rabbit and turkey which is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs. All varieties are designed to help maintain a healthy weight for an adult dog.

The Benyfit Puppy Food is finely minced for small mouths and also contains Verm-X for healthy intestinal hygiene. The Benyfit Senior food helps to maintain the correct weight of older or less active dogs and also contains added Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin for healthy joints and cartilages enabling easier movement.

A number of new diets have recently been added to the range and include Meat Feast. This recipe is vegetable free and has been created primarily to tackle the problem of itchy skin, one of the major symptoms of a yeast intolerance. Often grain and gluten can cause these types of problems but if these have been eliminated from the diet and the itching persists, it is more likely to be caused by the sugars in vegetables. Swapping to a vegetable free diet will stop the excessive itching and scratching in dogs prone to this intolerance. This product is also fantastic however for people wishing to feed a nutritionally balanced diet free of vegetables for any other reason. Benyfit Natural has also introduced a new Sensitive Diet which contains turkey as well as a new turkey variety working dog food as well. These cater for dogs that may have an intolerance to chicken or have sensitive stomachs.


The Benyfit Natural range is veterinary approved and is available to buy in convenient 1kg and 500 g tubs which can be easily stored in the freezer. The food is on sale in a number of leading retailers and stockists across the UK all of which report exceptional sales with the products. Freezer deals are available for retailers together with training for staff and excellent turnaround, delivery and customer service. Retailers visiting our stand at PATS Telford will also have the opportunity to win a small freezer packed full of our best sellers. So do not miss out and visit our stand, H50.

For further information visit the website: or Tel: 01892 770 188 or email:

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