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PATS Telford presents the ultimate grooming programme


PATS Telford will be presenting state-of-the art grooming demonstrations and talks on both days of the show at The Telford International Centre on Sunday and Monday, September 23-24.


The grooming programme, in association with British Dog Groomers' Association and The Welsh Grooming Academy, will include some of the country’s leading groomers.


The demonstrations will highlight the knowledge and expertise required to complete traditional grooming techniques successfully as well as showing off a few modern and creative ideas as well.


With an increasing number of pet retailers introducing grooming salons into their stores, the PATS programme of talks and demos will provide invaluable insights into this side of the business.


“Myself and other members of BDGA are really looking forward to delivering two days of interactive demos/seminars at PATS Telford this year,”

said Mathew Spry, acting chairman of BDGA. 


“This exhibition is one of the most enjoyable events out there. A welcoming environment with new products, free samples and an opportunity to network and learn is always a great day out in my book.”


Mathew, who is organising the grooming programme at PATS Telford, is a competitive groomer both in the UK and internationally, and also owns Barkingham Park Pet Spa and The Welsh Grooming Academy.


PATS organiser Gordon Thomas said: “We’re really excited to be running such a full programme of grooming talks and demonstrations in association with British Dog Groomers' Association and The Welsh Grooming Academy.


“The grooming features were a highlight of last year’s PATS Telford and it’s great to be staging such an exciting programme again. We’ve made the Grooming Workshop area even bigger this year as a result of its popularity. If you’re thinking of adding grooming to your pet business, make sure you visit PATS Telford.”


The exhibition hall at The Telford International Centre will be packed with stands showcasing new products. To register for free entry to the show and to view the full list of exhibitors visit





Here are some of the highlights over the two days. More details and timings to be confirmed.

  • Kelly Davis & Mathew Spry - Higher Diploma Grooming Demonstrations and Higher Diploma Questions and Answers
  • Mel Overand - Handstripping Border Terrier 
  • Francisco De Assis - Everyday Salon Creative and Ideas
  • Georgia Fuller - Bichon Frise Pet Perfect 
  • Beccie Woods - Handstripping Schnauzer 
  • Fee Brook - Clipping Spaniels well
  • Francisco De Assis Ferreira De Vasconcellos From Germany - Poodle T Trim
  • Kelly Davis - Pet Westie traditional style made easy (Level 3 Dipoma) 
  • Kelly Davis - C&G New Level 3 fast track discussion, questions and answers 
  • Beccie Woods - Clipped Schnauzer breed standard styling


There will also be demonstrations on the Karhia Hand Stripping machine; information on tools and products for the everyday groomer; plus tips and tricks to increase salon revenue.


For those interested in taking the PIF Higher Diploma, five people can take along their dogs for the Kelly Davis Higher diploma examiner to talk to you about your dog, what you need to do to achieve this higher level qualification, is your dog a good choice for the exam and where you could improve for higher marks? Special passes will be given to the five selected people. If you are interested contact Mathew Spry by email

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