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Intelligent pet tech start-up launches to vet community at London Vet Show

London-based Felcana, an intelligent pet care start-up, will be at the London Vet Show, demonstrating to trade show attendees, its award-winning products.


With over 5,600 attendees, 450 exhibitors and world-class presentations by 150 veterinary gurus, the London Vet Show is a key highlight in the veterinary calendar.


Located at Stand J35, the Excel Exhibition Centre, Felcana will be showcasing their Digital Pet Health Platform and array of intelligent pet care products that are shaping the future of more efficient, more personal and more convenient pet care.

Felcana has built the world’s first Digital Pet Health Platform that integrates state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, data analytics and veterinary expertise to help predict, simplify, and treat over 90% of health issues for dogs and cats. Founded by veterinarians with over 20 years’ experience, Felcana is embedded in the veterinary community and recently announced a 4-year research collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College (RVC).

Felcana’s products provide science-based, credible data on behaviour and activity patterns of dogs and cats.


Their connected products and software continuously gather health-related data on pets, gathering over a billion data points per pet per year. This provides personalised data to support vets spotting early signs of diseases, such as Osteoarthritis, which affects 4/5 of elderly dogs, so that they can proactively intervene at the optimal time and simplify treatment.


Felcana’s suite of products on show include:

  • Felcana Go Felcana Go continuously tracks the activity and behaviour patterns of dogs and cats to provide 24/7 monitoring and help identify early signs of health issues such as Osteoarthritis. Not only is Felcana Go the only clinical-grade activity monitor on the market, but it’s also lightweight, waterproof, and bite-resistant. Owners can use Felcana Go to track their pet’s daily activity and rest patterns. It attaches easily to any dog or cat’s harness and collar.
  • Felcana Health Felcana Health integrates smart location beacons with activity monitoring to track a dog or cat’s sleeping, drinking, eating and toiletry patterns. Using long-range communications, Felcana Health connects owners to their pets 24/7 and helps vets to identify early signs of diabetes and kidney failure.
  • Felcana Pro Felcana Pro is an integrated digital platform designed to give pet health professionals the data they need, quickly and clearly. Using open APIs and real-time data transfer, Felcana Pro encourages data sharing across the pet care industry in one centralized place.

In bringing powerful technology and personalised experiences to owners, vets and insurers, Felcana is digitally advancing and improving animal health and welfare.


In recognition of their pioneering work, Felcana recently listed as the most innovative dog tech start-up to watch 2018 as well as one of the top 10 European pet start-ups to watch in 2018.


If you’d like to trial Felcana’s products in practice or discuss potential collaboration opportunities, Felcana’s team will be available at Stand J35. Located right next to the central seating area with music, freebies and prizes – join them to discuss the future of intelligent pet care.

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