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Pawdacious new pet food has much to purr and bark about


A new pet food for cats and dogs is reaching out to proud pet parents wanting their 'babies' and buddies to have happy lives that include nutritionally sound nosh-ups, at a price that doesn't cost a paw and a leg.

The delightfully named Scrumbles has been 2.5 years in the making, the brainchild of female entrepreneur Aneisha Soobroyen and husband Jack, who both worked in the pet industry and saw a gap for a values-driven company putting cats and dogs first.


Both were concerned by their pets' smelly poos, and shocked to discover the low quality of ingredients used in the food of their feline furry, Boo, and playful pooch, Smudge. From these Scrumble beginnings, and a pawdacious belief that such food could not possibly fuel family adventures and years of happiness, a fun, caring and nutritionally amazing product was born.

Putting pets first meant two things - looking at the impacts on tender tummies that could ruin great playtimes and al fresco adventures and resolving to give 10% of profits to pet charities.

Working with a nutritionist, Scrumbles created a formula inclusive of a probiotic, which settles stomachs and bolsters gut health.  This rare-to-find benefit is not the only thing Scrumbles can purr and bark about. It is completely gluten-free and hypoallergenic and contain no nasties in the form of preservatives, colours, additives, salt, sugar, pea protein, eggs, dairy, potatoes and lentils.

Mixtures are also protein-rich, being packed with fresh and dried chicken, and contain Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) and Omega 6. This boosts the pet's brain and eye function - both crucial during 'play pawses' - and helps develop a glossy coat and healthy skin that gets many admiring looks!

Glucosamine and chondroitin support skeletal development and healthy joints, and fibre-rich brown rice and oats aid digestion. 

This super-healthy mix - which tastes darned fine too - has a few variations. It has been carefully tailored to the needs of: playful puppies sized small/medium (up to 12 months) and lovingly large pups (up to 24 months), not to mention grown-up dogs sized small/medium and also large and lush (over 25kg), plus curious kittens (aged up to 24 months) and cool cats.

The latter can not only feast on a chicken-flavoured treat, but also enjoy a cool cat combo of chicken and salmon.  Cat mixes contain dried cranberries, to keep a puss's urinary tract healthy.

Being free of pets' common allergen sources - wheat, beef, pork, eggs and dairy - should help prevent little whoopsies and unwanted sicky piles - whilst the highly nutritious formula is intended to provide the energy to fuel many exciting escapades.


Digesting the price of this superbly crafted food, manufactured in Britain and proud to be British, is pretty easy. The four canine food varieties retail at £11.49 for a 2kg resealable bag, whilst the three 750kg cat food options have a RRP of £6.99.  Affordability is Scrumbles' watchword.

Pet stores such as Dabners (Croydon), House of Pets (Hackney), The Independent Pet Co. (Weston-super-Mare, Firthfield Pet Store (Northwich), Portland Pets (South Norwood), The Pet Shop and Tanked Up (Bristol) and Bradeley Green (Whitchurch) are already stocking Scrumbles, which is actively seeking other retailers.

More information is available at where prospective stockists can complete an enquiry form. 

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