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62% of Pet Trade Xtra readers vote to leave the EU

A survey of Pet Trade Xtra readers has resulted in a clear majority stating they will be voting for the UK to leave the EU in the Referendum on June 23rd. 62% of respondents voted to leave the EU with 38% wanting to remain.

Over 110 readers took part in the survey from all parts of the UK and covering suppliers, retailers and other members of the UK pet community. 55% of the respondents were pet retailers and 28% manufacturers or distributors.

The result is the reverse of a similar survey of the UK garden retailing and supplier community who were 54% on favour of remaining in the EU versus 46% wanting to leave.  (Read the GTN Xtra result here)

Here is a selection of the comments left as part of the Pet Trade Xtra survey:

Leave comments

Carina Evans, Dog Rocks:  “Can’t wait, we should be a Global economy, not a Euro centric one.”

Paul Robinson, Epro Wholesale:  “I don't think there will be any change. The UK is too big a market for Europe to ignore.”

Darren Pakeman, Petslair Pet Products: “It would be better, stop these foreign cheap imports, get a decent tax put on them, bring British business back, made in Britain, stay in Britain, stop British companies doing their business overseas and out doing small businesses that can't.”

David Swan, Eclipse Farm:  “Being "in" has only had a negative effect on my business.”

Debbie Syme, SPR Centre:  “Would make it easier to trade without the ridiculous rules and regulations we have to abide by at the moment.”

John Stanbridge:  “Reduction in "red tape" and controls for small business. A trade deal will be agreed because the E.U. Countries in particular Germany export £60 bio more to the U.K.”

Lynda Ward, Pet Trade Solutions: “Our export products are so good that an exit won't materially affect us and as such a huge and successful marketplace I certainly don't expect EU member countries will want to stop selling their pet products to us!”

Remain comments

Richard Pigram:  “In my opinion we will find that there will be austerity for a number of years and our industry will be one of the first to suffer!”

Grant Rodgers, 3P Enterprise:  “We will still have to comply with European legislation as they form a large part of our customer base. Leaving will devalue the GBP so costs of imported product will increase. Freedom to trade with Europe is vital for our future growth.”

Lucas Coe, PR99:  “A Brexit could have a detrimental impact on the cost of importing raw materials due to the likely fall in sterling. Pet trade businesses that sell across the EU could be hit hard by the UK leaving the single market, having a knock on effect to their UK based supply chain.”

Mark Hirschel, Hownd:  “This is the problem - we all know what happens if we stay but no one knows what really happens if we leave!”

Damian Krogulewski, Rocky's World:  “Lots products that we have on the stock in UK are from Europe, after this time we have to pay extra for VAT and prices go so quick up.”

Whilst the initial survey closed on May 26th, we have now re-opened the survey and will keep it open until the actual Referendum so that we can monitior and report on any changes in the way our readers are planning to vote. Here is a link to the survey click here

Please note our survey system only accepts one response per subscribers e-mail address.

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