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Canine ‘Think Tank’ determines what makes a pub dog-friendly launched its third annual Dog-friendly Pub Awards with the first ever Doggy ‘Think Tank’ to find out what dogs really want from a dog-friendly pub – is it tasty treats, pawsome playthings or just a good ol’ bowl of doggy beer?


The event, held at the famously dog-friendly pub, The Woolpack on Bermondsey Street, London, welcomed all kinds of pups to test some of the fun and essential components of a truly dog-friendly pub. DogBuddy created five different testing stations for the dogs to decide which aspects they each enjoyed the most.

  • Treat testing
  • Dog bed testing
  • Doggy Beer testing
  • Dog bowl testing
  • Toy testing

Lisa Hens, Senior Scientific Officer at the RSPCA, who is one of the judges of the Dog-friendly Pub Awards  said: “It’s great to see establishments considering the needs of the dogs that might visit them and the Dog-friendly Pub Awards is a brilliant way to recognise this.


"Whilst letting dogs decide what they want from a pub in the ‘Think Tank’ is all just a bit of fun, it is important to consider the well-being of dogs in a busy, sometimes crowded, environment such as a pub, and to ensure that all their needs are catered for whilst there.”


Richard Setterwall, CEO and founder of DogBuddy adds: With the launch of the 2018 Dog-friendly Pub Awards, DogBuddy is encouraging pubs across the country to embrace ‘paw power’ and welcome not just two, but four-legged customers as well.


"Not only will the awards show some well-deserved appreciation of existing dog-friendly establishments, but they also aim to promote dog-friendly values across all pubs nationwide, inspiring dog owners in the UK to discover and visit their local pubs.”



Voting is open from Sunday 26th August 2018 - National Dog Day. Voting closes on Sunday 28th October 2018 and winners will be announced Friday 9th November 2018.  Anyone can vote for their favourite dog-friendly pub by visiting


For every vote received in the Dog-friendly Pub Awards, DogBuddy will also donate 50p** to the RSPCA who rescue, rehabilitate and rehome thousands of dogs every year.


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