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Sustainable dog food set to revolutionise pet market


A trailblazing new dog food - believed to be the most sustainable ever - is set to revolutionise the pet food market when it launches this month.


Made of nutritious insect protein combined with oats, potato and natural botanicals, Yora is a healthy new dog food that contains no growth hormones or antibiotics.  


Globally, pets consume around 20% of the world’s meat and fish, which is set to grow further with the trend for feeding human grade meat to dogs and cats.


For years, environmental experts have proposed insects as the food source that can end world hunger without harming the planet. Insects are unbelievably nutritious - packed with essential proteins, fats, minerals and amino acids - and are even easier to digest than chicken, so they’re perfect for pets with sensitive tummies. 


Livestock farming contributes 18% of human produced greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and pet food consumption is responsible for up to 64 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.


Insects use a fraction of the resources to farm and Yora’s grubs are reared in a brand new, high tech £18 million facility in Holland. The grubs are extremely efficient and even consume recycled vegetable matter that would otherwise go uneaten.


When compared to beef farming, Yora’s grubs need just 2% of the land and 4% of the water to produce each kg of protein, which means they cause 96% less greenhouse emissions. The insects grow naturally at a rapid pace, reaching full size in just 14 days, so there’s no need for growth hormones or antibiotics.


The insect protein in Yora also offers a higher quality protein than the by-products found in most pet foods. Yora features nutritious ingredients like kale, seaweed and chicory which all have added benefits for dogs including Vitamin C, improved digestion and anti-inflammatory properties.


Yora is supported by a team of veterinary experts including TV vet Dr. Rory Cowlam who said: “Yora provides a healthy, high protein alternative to conventional kibble.  It’s hypoallergenic, and free from antibiotics and growth hormones. Pets love the taste - plus it’s great for the planet.


“As a keen conservationist and dog lover, I am incredibly excited by the enormous potential for this dog food to reduce our pets’ collective carbon pawprint.”



Tom Neish (above), founder of Yora, comments: “Animals and humans have been eating insects for over five million years and we believe Yora is the future of pet food. We have trialled 29 recipes to find the perfect combination of great tasting ingredients and are very proud of the end result.


“Yora enables dog owners to take the lead in giving their dog a nutritious, tasty food whilst having a positive impact on the environment.”


Available from major pet stores in the UK in January, Yora will cost £14.99 per 1.5kg bag (£1.80 per day) or £49.99 per 6kg bag (£1.49 per day). To find out more, visit the website, search #TakeOurLead


Yora will be exhibiting at PATS Sandown on February 10-11.

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