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Don’t make owning more than one cat a ‘cat’astrophe

Recent research by the leading feline veterinary behaviour product, FELIWAY FRIENDS, has revealed that over 65% of cat owners believe that their cats get on with each other, yet nearly all of those questioned owned cats that displayed signs of multi-cat tension.


Indeed, over 60% of cat owners believed that their cats were either sociable or indifferent towards each other despite showing signs of disharmony which included: chasing (65%), swiping paws (53%), hissing (48%), keeping a distance from one another (31%), fighting and acting aggressively (27%), staring (30%) and sitting in front of resources to block access (25%).  Moreover, the cats were so stressed that they would often scratch furniture or household items (46%), hide from their housemates (26%), meow excessively (20%) or spray (17%).


Eighty per cent of pet owners allow their cats to eat and drink beside their housemates, which is known to increase multi-cat tension.  Simple changes within the household, such as separating feeding areas, positioning water bowls away from the feeding areas and creating safe areas up high will help prevent disharmony.  FELIWAY FRIENDS helps reduce tensions and conflicts in households with more than one cat and helps cats feel safe and secure, while maintaining a harmonious bond between cats.


Claire Russell, FELIWAY brand manager at Ceva Animal Health, comments: “There is the common misconception that cats need other feline companions, however they are naturally solitary survivors who are more than happy in their own company.  Simple environmental changes and using FELIWAY FRIENDS can help restore harmony between household cats who are displaying signs of multi-cat tension.”


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