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Long Paws’ new Poop Porter creates 'Marmite moment'


Long Paws’ new Poop Porter turns out to have created something of a 'Marmite moment'.


Poop Porter is an attachment for your dog lead that will hold not only a few new poop bags, but also a few used poop bags.


Poop Porter is a rubber holder with two teethed holes. The larger hole is designed to hold the knot of a used poop bag, until you come across a poop bin and can dispose of the offending bag. The smaller hole holds a few new poop bags at the ready.


According to Long Paws director, Elan Mansur, most dog owners don’t mind picking up their dogs poop. But they really dislike having to walk around holding the poop bag in their hand until they find a poop bin. Poop Porter attaches to a dog lead, and lets the lead do the carrying for the dog owner.


Long Paws has been advertising Poop Porter on social media for around three weeks now.


According to Mansur, the comments they’ve received are quite decisively split


"Either customers love it and order two or three at a time, or they absolutely hate the idea, and seem to be offended that someone would not enjoy walking around holding a poop bag. It’s like Marmite," he said.


Long Paws has never been a company to shy away from a little controversy, and loves that the product draws such strong opinions.


They have already started preparing the Christmas edition of their Poop Porter, which is a poo-emoticon shaped version, with a Christmas twist.


“We can see our Poop Santa appearing as Christmas Tree decorations before they start getting used on dog leads."


Poop Porter retails for £3.50 and is available for trade and retail purchases from Long Paws.

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