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Lily’s Kitchen launches new Suppurrs Stew range


Lily’s Kitchen has launched Suppurrs Stew, a new range of natural, healthy food for cats with a unique texture of shredded chicken fillets packed with proper meat. The range will be available in independent pet shops from 19th July.

Free from the ‘nasties’ of mass produced cat food, Suppurrs Stew is made with only healthy, natural ingredients including freshly prepared meat and offal – a stark contrast to the 4% ‘meat’ found in some cat foods.


Suppurrs Stew will compete with chunks and gravy products which currently make up 93% of the cat food category. Suppurrs stew fits perfectly into Lily’s Kitchen’s existing menu of pâté and dry food recipes for cats and offers a healthy but delicious alternative for pet parents with cats who prefer a stew-like texture.

All five steam-cooked Suppurrs Stew recipes - which include Cockadoodle Chicken, Scrumptious Chicken with Salmon and Farmhouse Chicken with Beef – make a refreshing change to the recipes of most cat foods out there.


Firstly, Suppurrs Stew is made using only proper meat and offal, with 33% delicious shredded chicken fillets and absolutely no meat-meal, fish-meal, bone-meal or rendered meat. 


Additionally, the chicken is all hand-shredded and sourced from within the EU, unlike lots of other shredded chicken products that come from East Asia, which consumers are starting to question.


And most importantly, each stew-like recipe from Lily’s Kitchen has complete and balanced nutrition including essential taurine, vital for cat health, with added vitamins and minerals. As with the rest of the Lily’s Kitchen cat menu, Suppurrs Stew is grain free. (RRP £1.40, 85g).

Alongside single trays, which are made from aluminium and therefore fully recyclable, Suppurrs Stew will also be available in convenient multipacks, which are especially key in the wet cat food category where the majority of sales go through multipacks (RRP £7.95, 85g x 6).

Henrietta Morrison, founder and CEO of Lily’s Kitchen, says: “We wanted to launch Suppurrs Stew as a healthy, natural alternative for the many cat parents who are unwittingly feeding their beloved felines chunks and gravy recipes that contain a cocktail of nasty ingredients - such as bone meal and rendered meat. Pet parents are hoodwinked into believing that this is proper meat. What’s more, the meat proportion is often only 4% of the total ingredients.

“The addition of Suppurrs Stew also means we now have a recipe to suit every cat’s taste buds and preferences, whilst providing a solution for those who care about feeding quality ingredients, and something that their cat will love.

“These grain free stew recipes will also appeal to new customers who want to trade up to better quality, natural food containing real meat and offal, no added sugar and made without cheap fillers, offering incremental sales opportunities for retailers.”

Lily’s Kitchen will support the launch of Suppurrs Stew with a fully integrated marketing campaign designed to educate cat owners, encourage trial and drive awareness of the new range.  This will include specific retailer support, sampling at events, digital advertising, PR and social media.

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