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Are you IN or OUT?
Taking a barometer of the industry's EU Referendum opinion
With five weeks to go until the EU Referendum, the campaign is really starting to gather pace.

It is becoming increasingly inescapable on TV, radio, the press, the internet - and now the Pet Trade Xtra e-mail newsletter I'm afraid!

Arguments may abound regarding whether the whole endeavour was even necessary, but the fact remains coming up soon is a once in a generation decision which we all have a duty to have our say in.

So therefore, now seems to be a good time to try to get a sense of how our industry is feeling on the matter, by asking you to take our survey.

Pet Retailers, how do you feel an exit would affect your business? Would waking up on Friday June 24th to find we are no longer a member of the European Union have a negative impact on the running of your shop? Would it be business as usual? Or would you find it entirely liberating?

To manufactuers and distributors - would no longer being within the EU make international trading much harder for your company? Or would little practically change? Or indeed would you find business life a whole lot easier?

The subject keeps cropping up at gatherings of industry people – everyone has an opinion on which they were willing to speculate.

Personally, I have been finding both campaigns rather confusing – with each side being able to counterclaim every argument made to date.  I'll be following developments closely over the coming weeks.

What I do know however, is just how important it is that everyone exercises their democratic right to have their opinion heard.

So help us take a barometer of where our industry stands at the moment. It'll only take you a minute. And we're very interested to see if there's a difference of opinion across the home nations - so please answer the question in either the England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland section, depending on where you're located. And don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the page to click Submit!

The format of our survey is the same as has been used by Garden Trade News, garden machinery magazine Service Dealer and the e-mail newsletter Turf Professional so when we have the results we will be able to compare the views of the pet industry with other sectors.

We'll just ask whether you want to remain or leave, if you're a retailer or a manufacturer/distributor and also give you the option of leaving a comment on your thoughts of how our industry could be affected.

We're fascinated to find out what you think. The survey closes on Tuesday 24th May at midnight and we'll let you know the results in next week's issue.

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