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Sainsbury’s recalls range of pet food pouches
Amazon launches Wag, its own line of pet products
Nestlé Purina PetCare acquires majority share in personalised pet nutrition business
Innovative pet firms merge with strong growth plans
Animology launches another ‘Essential’ product range
More international buyers expected at PATS Telford
New ethical dog treat range made from wild Atlantic Cod
Pet food entrepreneur in Top 100 list for innovation
PIF and Hadlow College open new dog grooming school
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May is Feline Hypertension Month
Kent pet store wins Nylabone prize draw
Record number of British exhibitors at Interzoo 2018
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Record number of British exhibitors at Interzoo 2018


The exhibitor group in next week’s British pavilion at Interzoo is offering buyers from across the world a multitude of new product launches at this year’s show.


Almost all of the 50-plus exhibiting companies in the PetQuip-organised group have new and exciting products on display, covering many sectors of the pet industry.  


New food and treat varieties include gluten-free, grain-free, high meat content and festive treats. There are even dog chews that have their origin in the hills of the Himalayas. 


In the field of high tech there are the latest innovations in app-enabled dog behaviour monitors, food measures and cat flaps. 


Other product sectors to feature innovations include dog training aids, jackets that allow dogs to be seen in the dark, pet bedding, microfibre towels, mats, pet hair removers, feeding bowls, dog toilets, shampoos and cosmetics.


In addition to the UK product supplier exhibitors, PetQuip is organising and manning a British pet product information stand, which buyers can visit to source thousands of British pet products.  


Buyers visiting the PetQuip team on the information stand can also take a copy of a completely new publication ‘Companion Pets in the UK’. This informative publication has been published by PetQuip in association with the UK Department for International Trade, and highlights the UK’s extraordinary capability that exists in the UK companion pet sector.


The British exhibitors and their products are:


Accapi Group (Hall 7, Stand 431) is exhibiting its range of Ruffwear performance dog gear that includes harnesses, leads, collars and jackets.  The products are designed to encourage exploration of new trails by canines and their handlers.  The range includes the Trail Runner™ System, Trail Runner™ Bowl and Hi & Light™ Harness. The Kurgo dog products on show range from crash-tested safety harnesses to vehicle interior protection products.  New to the range is a dog carrier that converts to a booster seat.  Items from the Planet Dog toy range provide fun, are interactive and functional with quirky designs and features designed to appeal to dogs.  New products include the light-up Strobe and GuRu puzzle toy.


ALF (Aquatic Distributors) Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 506d) is introducing its range of Python products to EU countries, as well as its full online service of other competitively priced aquarium products.


Armitage Pet Care (Hall 9 – Stand 604b) is showing a wide selection of festive treats for pets. Products launched for 2018 include Chewy Strips with Duck & Orange and the classic Three Bird Roast. Both products are made from 100 per cent natural meat.


Beco Pets (Hall 9, Stand 407) is showing its dog food that is loaded with nutritious and digestible superfoods.  Instead of using grains the company use ingredients such as chickpeas, which double up as a nutritious carbohydrate and a good source of protein.  Natural health foods such as kale and spirulina are then added to provide added nutrition. 


Benevo Vegan Pet Foods (Hall 9 – 603c) is adding a new variety to its Pawtato range of complementary food for dogs.  The latest tasty treat is Purple Sweet Potato Knots. This is made from a blend of organically grown, non-GM Purple and Orange sweet potatoes and rice.  The dog chews provide a healthy meat-free alternative to rawhide. Purple Sweet Potatoes are high in anthocyanin, which is a natural antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties as well as phytonutrients, making them an excellent superfood. Free from wheat, dairy and soya, the treats make an ideal hypoallergenic choice for dogs with sensitivities.


Bronte Glen Limited (Hall 9 – Stand 515a) is introducing new colours and patterns to its range of vet bedding for the 2018 season.  The company is a designer of luxurious boutique cosy beds made from English tweed wool fabric with a 100 per cent merino wool fleece fabric.  Own label and bespoke designer vet bedding is also available from the company.


Burgess Pet Care (Hall 9 Stand 515c) is showing its Burgess Excel long stem feeding hay, comprising timothy hay that has been grown in Yorkshire.  The hay is cut at the optimum time and dried within 48 hours. It is high in fibre which aids digestion, while the long stems of hay satisfy both chewing for dental health and natural foraging to give rabbits the emotional enrichment they need. The product is available in a re-sealable 1kg bag that retains the freshness of the hay and is clean in use.  


Butcher’s Pet Care (Hall 9 – Stand 519) is showing its new Butcher’s Monoprotein dog food containing a single meat protein. This product is suitable for everyday feeding and contains only one source of highly digestible protein that promotes the growth and development of muscle mass, while being gentle on sensitive stomachs. Enriched with vegetables and herbs, the product plays a crucial role in digestion and also delivers added health benefits. The products are grain-free and steam cooked and do not contain any artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. They are recommended for every day feeding to dogs with gluten and grain intolerance and are also ideal as a part of an elimination diet for convalescent dogs or dogs with intolerance to particular ingredients.


Cambrian Pet Foods Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 610a) is displaying its ranges of pet food in cans, trays and pots as well as complete dry foods in a range of sizes.  The products are produced in the company’s two state-of-the-art facilities based in Carmarthenshire, West Wales.  These plants combine and utilise high-speed manufacturing equipment and leading edge technology to produce a complete premium range food for dogs and cats.


Canagan, Symply and Piccolo (Hall 9 – Stand 615) is showing a variety of new products for the 2018 season.  A new 'Highland Feast' multi protein dog food contains the finest British ingredients including Pheasant and Trout. There is also a new 'Dental' product for dogs and cats that contains PlaqueOff to help reduce tartar and plaque. Finally, ‘Scottish Salmon - Small Breed' is the award-winning salmon formula in a smaller kibble.  In addition, Canagan, Symply and Piccolo will be introducing refreshed packaging across all lines from summer 2018.


The Canny Company (Hall 9 – Stand 603b) is showing a dog collar that is designed to stop dogs pulling on the lead. Kind, safe, comfortable and effective, it helps owners to enjoy walking their dog. Voted ‘Best New Product’ by the UK Pet Product Retail Association when it was first launched, it has since sold almost a million units worldwide.  A range of colours and sizes to suit all dogs is available, as well as eye-catching point of sale material to help maximise sales.


CarPET-Pet Hair Remover (Hall 9 – Stand 506b) is launching a totally natural eco CarPET- pet hair remover. With no Plastic!! is a practical and effective cleaning product made from totally natural materials and is durable, hygienic and suitable for working on all types of pet hair. It will also effectively remove horse hair from horse rugs and saddles etc.


ChickenGuard (Hall 9 – Stand 507b) is introducing a new door kit that is compatible with all versions of the ChickenGuard door opener.  The innovative self-locking mechanism provides greater protection from predators, to provide peace of mind to chicken owners.  With 8 million chicken owners in Europe, ChickenGuard is leading the way in helping to keep chickens safe from predators.


Devoted Pet Foods Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 505b) is showing its British-made high meat content grain-free foods for dogs, puppies and cats. The perfect ratio of ingredients constitutes foods that are highly palatable and digestible, bringing noticeable improvements to general health, wellbeing and appearance. Flavours in the dog food range include Free Range Chicken, Scottish Salmon, Duck with Trout and Premium Puppy, while the cat food range comprises Free Run Chicken and Scottish Salmon.


Earthbound UK Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 613b) is exhibiting its high quality pet bedding, blankets, dog coats, toys and accessories. The company also has a homeware range that has been launched to complement the fabrics that have been used on these lines. Earthbound is a family business that has over 30 years’ experience within the textile manufacturing trade, having manufactured and supplied clothing to some of the biggest retailers in the UK prior to working in the pet bedding industry.  A large part of the product range is manufactured by the company within the UK.


Eden Holistic Pet Foods (Hall 9 – Stand 501b) is introducing three new product ranges at Interzoo 2018. The first is an air-dried range of treats with 70 per cent meat content. The dog and cat treats contain an Eden Health Pack to support digestive, joint and dental health. The second product is a wet food range for cats and dogs that focuses on high-meat content and superfood herbs and vegetables. The third product launch is a supplement range that brings together modern-day supplements and herbal remedies in the form of digestive support, joint support and skin and coat formulas.


Fold Hill Foods (Hall 7A – Stand 640) is a leading private label supplier and owners of the premium brand Laughing Dog since 1936. Laughing Dog offers wheat-free and grain-free completes, mixers and treats. New for 2018 is Natural Baked Grain Free Puppy Complete that is formulated to promote healthy growth and development. Made from 100 per cent white fish and packed with naturally wholesome ingredients, the recipe is free from soya, diary and grains and has no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The puppy food is baked to be gentle on digestion and to create a uniquely crunchy biscuit which helps to slow down fast eaters and keep teeth clean.


Forthglade Natural Pet Food (Hall 9 – Stand 508a) is showing its award-winning grain-free range of complete wet meals for dogs. The meals contain 75 per cent quality meat, including chicken, duck, turkey, lamb, salmon or sea bass. Using 100 per cent natural ingredients, recipes include wholesome vegetables such as butternut squash and sweet potatoes to ensure dogs receive a balanced diet full of essential proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.  Available in 395g convenient trays, there are eight delicious recipes, including meals specifically for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs.


GET OFF – Blumen International Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 502b) is launching a new Natural Range in which all the products are based on natural ingredients to care for a pet’s home environment. The products include seeds that allow pet owners to grow their own pet herbal additive for small animals and birds, and natural dog calming products. The company is also launching a new look GET OFF range.  


Henry Wag (Hall 9 – Stand 508c) is launching two new microfibre products at Interzoo.  The new Micro-Fibre Glove-Towel is designed to simplify the cleaning and drying of pets. The design allows added control of the pet while offering highly absorbent and dirt catching properties, making cleaning and grooming easier.  There is also a new Noodle Mat in three sizes that fits the Henry Wag elevated dog bed. The mat is multi-functional and can also be used as a floor mat or in the car boot.  It is light and flexible enough to be used as a cleaning and drying towel that is perfect for cleaning up dogs after a muddy walk.


Hing Designs (Hall 9 – Stand 610c) is using the Interzoo platform to introduce exciting new additions to the current range of patented designer feeding bowls for both dogs and cats.


The House of Paws Ltd (Hall 3, Stand 405) is showcasing its pet bedding, now available in a range of new and exciting fabrics, materials and colours to suit all homes and interiors.  Also on show will be a variety of toys for both dogs and cats.  The company will also be exhibiting its ranges of pet clothing and accessories.


Howler & Scratch by Phoenox (Hall 9 – Stand 500c) is displaying its Phoenox range of British-made environmentally-friendly interior door mats, rugs and runners.  The brands include classic and contemporary designs from the Hug Rug range of high quality washable mats designed for every room in the house.  There are also Muddle Mat indoor washable barrier mats in cotton and hard-wearing nylon and a new Howler & Scratch brand range of barrier mats and runners inspired by the love of pets.  The products are washable and have antibacterial properties.


Hownd (Hall 9 – Stand 515b) is showing its patent-pending HERO food and water bowl that has built-in proven antimicrobial technology and is the ideal solution for health-conscious pet owners, especially those with young children and multiple pets. It is guaranteed to prevent growth of up to 99.9 per cent of microbes, including bacteria, mould and fungi, making it more hygienic and able to reduce cross contamination. It is stain and odour resistant and offers protection from germs that can lead to diarrhoea and infection in both pets and humans.


Hugo Kamishi (Hall 9 – Stand 605b) is showing its Rock and Plants Décor Kit from its range of ornaments, fish tanks and accessories for the aquatics industry. The complete decor kit comprises different resin rocks and plastic plants that complement each other and provide a speedy way of setting up a tank in order to create a beautiful environment. The kits are available in 60cm and 150cm sizes.


Inspired Pet Nutrition (Hall 9 – Stand 610b) is introducing Nineteen 87, a new range of lovingly baked dog food. The range is oven baked to ensure the food is gently cooked to lock in the goodness of essential ingredients, as well as creating real flavour and an extra crunchy texture. There are grain-free and superfood complete food and treats in the range, and they are made with 50 per cent fresh chicken, lamb, beef or salmon that has been sourced from UK farms. No meal or flavourings are added to the range.


James and Steel (Hall 7, Stand 369) is introducing its Bubble Dog & Bubble Cat range of bubble toys at Interzoo.  The range of pet-friendly bubble guns include electric and manual versions and provide interactive fun for dogs, cats, children and adults.  The Magic Wand item uses an extra long pole to give a more natural movement to the fly.    Also being exhibited is the Sötnos (cute nose) range of Scandinavian inspired clothing, collars and leads.  Completing the display are Colour POP training dens that are coated using a special plating technique to create vibrant glossy colours.  


Kennelpak Ltd (Hall 9 – 506c) is showing its range of YAKERS that have their origin in the hills of the Himalayas. Originally made for human consumption, they are still widely eaten by the Himalayan people and their dogs. YAKERS are made from a mix of skimmed Yak and Cow milk. A very small amount of lime juice and salt is added to coagulate (harden) the milk, which is then compressed into blocks and smoke dried for 28 days to give the chews their flavour.  YAKERS are preservative and gluten-free, rich in protein and calcium, are vegetarian and they also help to fight plaque and tartar.


Law Print and Packaging (Hall 9 – Stand 607c) is introducing Brick-Pack, the latest innovation in packaging from the UK-based flexible packaging supplier. As pet food brands look to implement sustainability across the supply chain, the packaging supplier has focussed on providing complete format optimisation without impairing pack performance. Designed with ultimate convenience in mind, Brick-Pack offers great portability, with multiple handle options as well as easy cut and pour features. The compact brick-like shape optimises storage and distribution.


Lily’s Kitchen (Hall 9 – Stand 513) is extending its range of nutritious food for pets by adding a tray format to its range of food for dogs. The new tray range reflects the same great flavours as its tins and is designed as single servings for smaller dogs or as a delicious topper when combined with dry food for larger dogs. International customers will be able to access four recipes.  There is Cottage Pie, which replicates the ingredients list in the already popular 400g tin of Beef Potato & Vegetable Dinner; and a Fishy Fish Pie, which is a grain-free recipe, packed containing freshly prepared salmon, herring and turkey.  Completing the new recipes are Chicken and Turkey Casserole and Lamb Hotpot recipes.


Lintbells (Hall 9 – Stand 506a) is showing its YuMOVE PLUS for dogs. The product is an extra-strength triple-action dog joint supplement for older dogs with stiffer movement. The supplement contains Green Lipped Mussel and is proven to be effective in just six weeks. It contains 20 per cent more ActivEase® GLM than the company’s regular formula and is 100 per cent natural. It helps stiff-jointed and older dogs to keep mobile by soothing stiffness and supporting their joints.


Little Big Paw (Hall 9 – Stand 514a) is showing its Little BigPaw Oven Baked Treats that are a trio of British-made, 100 per cent natural recipes suitable for all dogs. Great for tartar control and dental health, the “Little BigPaw” shaped biscuit can be broken into smaller pieces, making it an ideal training treat. The hypoallergenic recipes are packed with 50 per cent British meat, superfood fruits, vegetables, healthy herbs and conditioners. They are grain-free and contain no artificial colours or preservatives. They are baked in wood fired, carbon-neutral ovens using locally harvested timber, and this process ensures that each biscuit holds on to its super nutrients and crunchy perfection.


Long Paws (Hall 7, Stand 838) is an award-winning dog-accessory brand, and the company will be returning to Interzoo with a new line-up of products.  The new range will include extra strong reflective ribbon leashes and collars, as well as an eye-catching neon yellow set for the darker winter evenings.  The range will also include Long Paws’ new anti-shock leash extenders.  The leash extenders can be used with any leash, and are ideal for dog owners who enjoy jogging with their dogs or walking with heavy pullers.  The new Long Paws range is suitable for puppies through to adult dogs and bears the Long Paws lifetime guarantee.


Max and Lucy (Hall 9 – Stand 607a) is introducing its family of dry shampoos with essential oils. They are a fast, convenient and a natural solution to clean and freshen dogs without the need to use a single drop of water. The shampoos are 100 per cent natural with a choice of lavender, orange & lemongrass or rosemary & thyme essential oils. They are ideal for use between baths, when travelling and for freshening bedding and in other areas where dog odours linger.


Meatiful (Hall 9 – Stand 603a) is showing its range of food for dogs.  There are three mouth-watering varieties: free range chicken, farm reared duck and Scottish salmon. The 100 per cent natural product ensures that dogs have a balanced, easy-to-digest meal that supports tissue growth and repair. The company has a range of attractive introductory offers available.


Micro-ID Ltd (Hall 9 – Stand 501a) is showing its compact mini scanner that reads all modern electronic tags and microchips for dogs, cats and other animals. It is available in a small carry case with charging cable and test microchip.


Naturo Pet Foods (Hall 9 – Stand 507a) is launching two new products at Interzoo.  The introduction of Naturo Grain & Gluten Free can variety pack and Naturo Grain Free tray variety pack will provide customers and their pets with not only a healthy, natural dog food for pets with specific dietary needs but also with a variety of flavours and textures. The products will be shown alongside the company’s wide selection of innovative products that include grain free ranges, gluten free ranges, senior food, cat food with added Taurine, and many more. 


Nutriment (Hall 9 – Stand 613a) is one of the fastest growing raw food companies in the UK, securing the 50th spot in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100.  The company’s enhanced raw food was the first of its kind to provide a food product that introduced vital superfoods into the traditional BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) diet. The inclusion of the very best human-grade meat and restaurant quality ingredients has been instrumental in Nutriment’s expansion.


Oggi’s (Hall 9 Stand 607b) is a home baking solution to provide a healthy treat for dogs. It is a great way to involve the children in the care of the family pet.  Oggi is made in the UK from the finest human grade, all natural, ingredients.  It is available in eight flavours in addition to award-winning birthday and Christmas gift boxes.  Also on display will be the patented TRIKKA, which is a dual action training clicker that has eye-catching packaging.


PATS 2018 and AQUA 2019 (Hall 9 – Stand 501c) is promoting its UK based trade shows.

PATS is the UK’s only pet trade event, taking place at The Telford International Centre UK, from 23 to 24 September 2018 and at Sandown Park from 19 to 20 March 2019. AQUA 2019 is the UK’s water gardening and aquatics trade event and it takes place at the Telford International Centre from 16 to 17 October 2018.


Pet Bakery (Hall 9 – Stand 507c) is launching a new Gluten-Free Liver Brownie. This product is an all-natural semi-moist liver brownie for dogs. Made with 35 per cent liver, rice flour and honey, it is an all-natural treat that dogs will love.


PetQuip (Hall 9 – Stand 502a) is the International Trade Association of Pet Equipment Suppliers.  The PetQuip team assists and promotes the development of international trade in the pet equipment sector, providing a catalyst for business contact between UK manufacturers, suppliers and international buyers. PetQuip has published the PetQuip Buyers’ Guide, which includes a directory of members’ product ranges, and copies will be available to all buyers visiting the PetQuip stand. Buyers will also be able to take a copy of a completely new publication ‘Companion Pets in the UK’, highlighting the UK’s capability in pet product innovation. 


PJ Pet Products (Hall 9 – Stand 613c) is exhibiting at Interzoo for the first time. The company has a diverse range of innovative and unrivalled brands including K9-Pursuits®, DO&G™, CA&T™, AquaSpring™ and more.The company will be seeking worldwide distributors and retailers for many of its products. Also on show will be a first showing of the H2O-KONG® water bottles, for which the company is seeking distributors and retail outlets throughout Europe.


Podium Pet Products (Hall 9 – Stand 605a) manufactures or procures a wide range of innovative and often ‘green’ pet products,  These range from pet calming products and prebiotic supplements to grooming brushes, feeding bowls and Dog Rocks.  The company has distribution in Europe, UK, USA and Canada.  Podium Pet Products and its offerings have received numerous awards including the Queen’s Award, an Editors’ Choice Award from Pet Product News, an Industry Recognition Award from Pet Business and a Family Choice Award.


Pooch & Mutt (Hall 9 – Stand 503a) is displaying chews that are free from artificial colours, preservatives, and flavours. Also on show will be a new Superfood complete dry food for dogs of all sizes and life stages.  Pooch & Mutt is also showing new wet foods that enforce the brand’s commitment to sustainably sourced, quality food that has the environment at heart. The company’s innovative Tetra packs are made from 70 per cent renewable resources and are widely recyclable.  


Profleece Pet & Vet (Hall 9 – Stand 500b) is displaying its specialised polyester fur fabrics for the veterinary sector. The products are manufactured from the very highest grade of materials, and bedding can be supplied in any colour, pattern or logo to suit individual customer’s requirements.


Sure Petcare (Hall 9 – Stand 503b) is a pet technology specialist, manufacturing microchip-enabled and connected products. The company’s products are designed to provide insights into the pet’s daily activities and behaviour, enhancing the bond between owner and pet.  Previewing at Interzoo are three new app-enabled products. The first of these is Animo, a unique dog behaviour monitor focused on health and wellbeing throughout the lifetime of the pet.  There is also the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect that uses integrated scales to precisely measure food and accurately monitor feeding for each pet.  Also available is the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect that enables owners to set individual and remotely changeable entry and exit permissions for each pet.


TastyBone (Hall 9 – Stand 601) is showing a wide selection of nylon chews and edible treats that are in an array of sizes, shapes and flavours. TastyBones are made with 100 per cent virgin nylon and human grade flavours.  They are impregnated with flavouring using a magic formula that results in them staying tasty for longer.  The bones have been tested on the most vigorous of chewers.  New additions to the range include the QuadBone, which is available in two sizes and four irresistible World Flavours; limited edition Halloween bones in Toffee Apple and Pumpkin flavours; and the latest ‘Tastybone Toothbrush’ shape in the Dental range.


Tribal Pet Foods (Hall 9 – Stand 604a) is debuting its range of cold-pressed dog food to international audiences at Interzoo 2018. Tribal’s TLC (Truly Lower Celsius) is a grain-free, high quality, hypoallergenic, cold-pressed dog food.  TLC optimises the food’s nutritional potential by carefully selected biologically appropriate ingredients, then applying significantly lower temperatures to the production process.  Available in Puppy, Adult and Senior varieties, TLC only uses fresh meat (no meat meal) to ensure healthy dogs and happy customers.  


Trilanco (Hall 9 – Stand 505a) is a ‘one stop shop’ for pet, equestrian and agricultural retailers, bringing together great brands at competitive prices to help create a great trade buying experience. Stocking over 250 brands, ranging from entry level to luxury, the company will be showcasing the latest and greatest British brands including Country Pet, Ralph & Co, Mark and Chappell, Easidri, Mark Todd and many more.


Vetbed (Hall 9 – Stand 508b) is launching an innovative dog jacket at Interzoo 2018.  The Flecta Vizlite dog jacket incorporates patent-pending Vizlite technology that absorbs UV light from any source and works like a battery to store the absorbed light. When there is no more light to absorb (in darkness), the stored energy is emitted as a bright afterglow that remains visible for up to eight hours, providing high visibility in the daylight, dusk and even complete darkness without the need for electricity or wires.


Vitalin – The Natural Choice (Hall 9 – Stand 502c) is showcasing its new super premium pet food range.


Waterlife (Hall 9 – Stand 500a) is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018, and is displaying its ranges of aquarium and pond items, including several new products.  The company’s Ultramarine sea salt has been reformulated using the latest science based techniques. Fine homogenous particle size ensures quicker solubility and even distribution of components to give greater uniformity. Waterlife’s new Algiblitz resolves blanket weed issues by altering the water chemistry, causing the weed to lose structure, and forming into balls/clumps that can then be removed easily.  Waterlife is also launching a new 10 kilo size pond tonic salt (PondSal).  PondSal improves fish health and vitality, deters parasites and pathogens, cleanses wounds and improves filter efficiency.  


WildWash (Hall 9 – Stand 514c) is showing its ranges of natural shampoos and cosmetics.  Products in the WildWash Pet Range are ready to use and do not contain any parabens, phthalates, phosphates, petrochemicals, sulphates or PEGs. The range consists of ten core products that have fun, easy to understand and colourful labels explaining the attributes of each shampoo.  WildWash has also introduced a Perfect Cat Shampoo with catnip.


Woofaloo (Hall 9 – Stand 514b) is exhibiting its easy-to-use indoor/outdoor dog toilet for puppies and small/medium dogs, first exhibited at Interzoo in 2016, and is now set to launch a new Rock Woofaloo, and a female dog toilet in a big size. The company focuses on a dog’s habitual behaviour of urinating on or next to chosen objects, and then replicating those situations. Woofaloo’s dog toilets are cute, funky, modern, portable and easy-care. The new Rock toilet and other products will provide buyers with the choice of a range of dog toilets suitable for puppies through to big dogs. Germany is currently the largest market for Woofaloo products.

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