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Meet a company challenging the UK pet obesity crisis

Direct-to-consumer dog food e-tailer, heavily invests in its on-demand customer nutrition advice service based on a long-term quest to improve dog nutrition for all and tackle dog obesity.

  • The investment in their customer nutrition advice service follows the announcement in April 2018 that Nestlé Purina PetCare had acquired a majority stake in the personalised pet nutrition business.
  • The service sets up as first UK dog food brand to offer truly personalised pet care, delivering exemplary advice by in-house experts.
  • The brand has more than doubled their customer support team to allow them to build upon their existing service and reach more customers.
  • The team specialists include vet nurses, vet care assistants, breeders and shelter adoption advisors and has the guidance of their pet nutritionists and head vet, Sean McCormack.
  • The team take around 200 calls per day. ‘Reblend’ requests (adjusting their pets diet requirements) are amongst the most common type of call).
  • The quest to do so comes from a brand vision to create accessible nutrition advice en masse and a commitment to increased investment in its customer experience service.

Over 50% of dogs in the UK either overweight or obese, and are tackling the issue head on, both through their product - they do exact portions made easy, to
help your dog hit their ideal weight for good - and their recently bolstered, on-demand customer nutrition advice service.


The service, that has innovation at its core and care at its heart, is delivered by a recently expanded team of dog care specialists. It provides a truly unique and personal experience, whilst seeking to improve the health and welfare of millions of dogs, and in turn their owners, across the UK.


The increased investment comes as the trend for on demand services continue to emerge across a wide variety of industries - including fitness, entertainment and beauty - with as the first to offer personalised advice to the dog food market.


The expansion of pet culture signifies the acceptance by owners of their furry companions as members of their lives that require the same consideration to their health and diet as they do. In much the same way the human food industry has embraced bespoke meal services for better health, alters the way pet owners plan meals for their dogs.


Talking directly with their customer base is an important part of the growth strategy, aiming to provide a superior customer experience, through agile and on-demand solutions. By leveraging the benefits of the multi-disciplinary workforce, both sides of the direct-to-consumer model benefit.


Consumers enjoy instant access to professional advice while are able to learn more about what their customer needs and improve their product and experience.


Supported by Head Vet, Sean McCormack, the team includes experts from one of the UK’s oldest and most respected sectors – veterinary practices - meaning that customers are able to speak to a qualified team directly about their pets dietary and health concerns.

“As a vet I get great satisfaction solving all kinds of pet problems, especially when helping dogs live longer, happier lives,” said Sean McCormack.


“Our unique nutrition advice service offers dog owners quick access to professional advice and guidance on their pet’s nutrition and health. It’s a better fit with our busy lifestyles and means that people can make informed decisions about their dogs' well being.


“We’re starting off by expanding our popular consultation service for existing and new customers to make it easy for owners to manage their pets’ eating habits, but our vision is much bigger. Our mission is to support our customers in every way they choose to feed their dogs and make the right health care choices.


“We're not replacing the role of your vet who knows your dog's health best, but we're here to support you and guide you if you have any questions or concerns. Whatever your dog's dietary and health needs, we're confident we can solve them or at least point you in the right direction with top notch advice>'

The service is a core part of the offering available at, powered by their unique proprietary algorithm that uses information customers provide (including
breed, age, health conditions, activity levels and flavour preferences) to determine the ideal blend of nutrients for their dog. They create a unique recipe for every single dog, in the taste they love with the nutrition they need.

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