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Tetra welcomes Spring with new pond care and food range
Pet shop owner counts the cost of floods
Broomhall Feeds becomes Sneyd’s Wonderfeeds wholesaler in Scotland
Gift buying for pets is becoming big business
James Milbourne takes over as trainee CEO at Symply
Dozens of coats donated to homeless dogs
BSB Products launches new cat litter with unparalleled odour control
Collarways introduce new Zogoflex dog toys to UK
Caught on camera: thief steals python from pet shop by hiding it down his trousers
Barking Heads launches limited edition dog treats for Valentine's Day
Get your own copy of Pet Trade Xtra
Police appeal after theft from Pets at Home in Weston-super-Mare
Alpha Feeds launches Sporting Dog of the Year competition
Devotion award for Brighouse police dog
Eukanuba announces top athlete as ambassador
Dog fouling fine doubles in Scotland
Supreme honour for South Africa’s most successful poacher-hunting dog
RSPCA warning after poorly kitten is dumped in blanket in Sutton Coldfield
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Tetra welcomes Spring with new pond care and food range
One of the biggest challenges faced by pond keepers is maintaining crystal clear and balanced water all year round. As retailers, consumers will look to you for advice on how to keep their pond in good condition to maintain healthy fish and plants during the warmer months. By offering simple solutions you can help customer to keep their pond healthy and clear whilst also driving sales in the category.


Tetra has launched three new pond care products to tackle three common problems experienced by pond keepers that will help to drive sales ahead of the 2016 pond season.

  • Tetra Pond SedimentMinus (NEW improved liquid formula)contains special bacteria spores (genus Bacillus) which degrade organic bottom sludge effectively leading to improved water quality and increased depth visibility.
  • Tetra Pond WaterStabiliser helps to stabilise important water values (such as KH and pH), supporting the wellbeing of pond inhabitants. It dissolves quickly and effectively allowing it to work immediately without clouding the water.
  • Tetra Pond Peat & Straw Extract uses a pure and natural active component which filters out and reduces light penetration for natural clear pond water; it acts as a light filter and impairs the photosynthesis processes. Quick, safe and ego-friendly in order to protect fish and plants, it can be used all-year-long. 

Tetra Pond products are priced at £9.00 - £16.49 depending on product.

Tetra Pond Food Range

With the warmer months many fishkeepers will also notice an increase in activity and will turn to retailers to find out the latest information on fish food and nutrition. Tetra’s extended pond food range includes natural ingredients to offer varied nutrition for all pond fish including goldfish, orfe, golden rudd and koi.

The all new premium Tetra Natural Sticks and Natural Mix were developed to create a completely natural feeding experience with 100% vegetable sticks for easy digestion resulting in clear and clean water and healthy fish. Both products are also ideal for feeding fish daily.

  • Tetra Natural Sticks contain 100% high-quality vegetable ingredients including cereal which supports growth and is a great source of energy for fish and rich in highly digestible carbohydrates, to offer a complete and balanced nutrition. Their worm-like shape appears natural to fish and softens quickly for easy digestion providing great taste and less pollution of water.
  • Tetra Natural Mix contains 100% pure vegetable ingredients in feeding sticks and natural river shrimps for a tasty, natural diet rich in minerals, proteins, and dietary fibre. River shrimps also enhance fish colouration due to their high content of carotenoids.

Tetra Natural Sticks range from £4.50 - £17.50 depending on product and size. Available in 1L tins and 4L bags.

For more information about any products in the Tetra range please visit or email

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