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Pet shop staff thanked for helping homeless couple
A couple who slept in a skip, doorways and a tent after they lost their home have said they wanted to thank the many people who had shown them kindness, including a Leicester pet shop.

Paul Deacon, 49, and partner Sheena Rudy, 50, said they were evicted by their landlord six months ago after falling behind with their rent.

For a while, they relied on the hospitality of friends and lived with anyone who would take them.

But shortly before Christmas, the couple found themselves on the streets.

Paul said he wanted to thank all the people, most of them strangers, who had shown the couple kindness over the past few weeks.

They include staff at Natural World pet shop, in Syston, who gave the couple food, hot drinks and even bought them a tent after realising they had spent a couple of nights in a nearby skip.

"The Natural World was brilliant," said Paul.

"They bought us a tent when they saw we were sleeping in a skip, and filled up our flasks every day.

"I can't thank them enough."

Paul and Sheena are currently staying at the Falcon Centre shelter in Loughborough.

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