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AmPet to distribute PoopPot in the UK

AmPet Products has reached an agreement with the makers of PoopPot to distribute the innovative, space-saving and hygienic poop bag container in the UK.

PoopPot is a collapsible silicone container, which conveniently holds bagged dog poop until it can be disposed of in dedicatd waste bins. A very simple compression airtight sealed lid keeps smells from escaping.

“We are very excited to be taking over the distribution of PoopPot in the UK,” says Alex Wilson, AmPet’s Sales & Marketing Director.

“We exhibited PoopPot at PATS Sandown in March and it created lots of leads from interested retailers. It’s a fantastic product that helps dog owners clean up after their animals.

“As a company we were also attracted to the fact that PoopPot is a badge of responsibility for all dog owners. It will help to create a cleaner country because it’s a convenient way for owners to pick up their dog's poop and pop it in their new PoopPot.”

The PoopPot works on a simple yet ingenious principle. All a dog owner needs to do is take a bag from the storage compartment inside the collapsed PoopPot, pop out the container, pick up the poop and place the bag back inside. Then pop the lid back on and it locks everything inside

Its features include:
  • Dual stage pop-out design keeps PoopPot small until needed.
  • Airtight lid keeps smells locked up inside.
  • PoopPot clips easily onto a belt loop, lead or rucksack.
  • Can also be used for treats, food and water on the go.

The inspiration behind PoopPot came when inventor Hamish Forbes rescued a dog called Ellie five years ago.

"One little problem that started to bother my wife and I was the fact that on our dog walks we often wrangled over whose turn it was to carry the dog poop bags swinging around by our side,” says Hamish. “They were always getting tangled in leads and there was the risk of them catching on bushes, ending in an inevitable messy disaster - not to mention the lingering smell. There was never a handy bin nearby either, and putting on the floor of the car on the way home is not the most appealing idea!

“The initial concept was to make something space saving, small and convenient when not in use, but that would be able to be as large as you need it when the time came. As the product idea unfolded, I designed in the ability for PoopPot to be airtight to seal all the smells inside, and be manufactured from a hygienic material that would be easy to clean if any accidents were to happen. Also PoopPot needed to be easy to clip away so it would be hands free.

“Of course, with all this in mind, it also had to be manufactured in such a way that it was cost effective to create and therefore able to be sold at a very reasonable price. There is no point in developing a problem-solving idea but making it so expensive no-one would want to buy it.”

There are now two sizes of PoopPot, the small retailing at £10.99 and the large at £14.99. Hamish launched PoopPot to consumers at Crufts 2016 and within two days the stock had sold out.

The product’s launch to the trade at PATS had similar impact with AmPet stepping in to make sure PoopPot is available in pet outlets throughout the UK. “AmPet are a small but very successful wholesale team. This fitted with my new company and product,” adds Hamish.

Since PATS PoopPot has been treated to some really eye catching new packaging, which looks great on the shelf and explains the problem solving product perfectly. This gives PoopPot the perfect finishing touch and puts it in prime position to become the next hot dog invention.

“AmPet pride themselves in bringing new products from overseas into the country, but when they saw this new product was developed in the UK, they got quite excited and our relationship grew from there. We both realise the impact that PoopPot could have on the dog world and are equally as passionate about being able to offer such a problem-solving product to dog lovers across the country.”

If you’re interested in stocking PoopPot, contact Alex Wilson on 0330 088 1673 or by email

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