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Pet owners more likely to find a partner on a dog walk

Research from dog-lovers community website reveals that if you want to meet someone the good old fashioned way this Valentine’s Day, your best chances are with man’s (or woman’s) best friend by your side.

The recent survey of dog owners in the UK, Spain, Italy, France and Germany exposes that over 50% of Europeans find people more attractive if they own a dog.

According to the survey, 84% of people in the UK find it easier to talk to potential partners when out and about if they have a dog with them, as dogs are wonderful ice breakers, easing tension and creating a more relaxed and approachable atmosphere.

So whether you’re walking the dog in the park or having a swift drink at the pub – you never know where you might meet ‘the one’. And with DogBuddy’s online community of over 200,000 dog lovers, it’s easier than ever before to meet a local dog owner or a reliable and fully vetted sitter.

With 51% of the population being single, having a dog as your buddy could mean the difference between dinner for one or dinner for two. Although it’s probably worth keeping in mind that 42% of those surveyed admit that the breed of dog affects their opinion of a potential partner. So it may be best to hold off on ordering the pasta sharing bowl until you know their thoughts on your beloved Chihuahua.

However, it isn’t just through the more traditional routes dogs can help us find love. The survey revealed how updating our online dating profiles and apps with a picture of you with your dog will also help you meet Mr or Mrs Right as respondents suggest it gives people a ‘softer side’.

Richard Setterwall, co-founder and CEO of DogBuddy, comments: "People often forget the power of the pet. Dogs in particular make it very easy to meet new people - through their friendly disposition and demeanour, they often make the introduction for you.

"I started DogBuddy because I couldn’t find anyone to look after my dog and with man’s best friend acting as a modern day cupid, it’s vital that when I’m away he gets the full care and attention he would get at home.

"Through the free DogBuddy iPhone app finding the perfect dog sitter for your pooch may even be easier than finding love through Tinder."

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