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EUKANUBA reveals Live Life Well Together Ambassadors

After a nationwide search EUKANUBA has found six incredibly special dogs to become its official Live Life Well Together Ambassadors.


Along with their owners these dogs will demonstrate the difference truly tailored nutrition can make to dogs of all life-stages in just 12 weeks.


This is about Optimal Body Condition Benefits for real dogs, living real lives in real homes.


Growing Puppy Ambassador
Recently engaged Rachael and Ivan are the proud owners of Jasper the 6-month-old Rough Collie. He absolutely loves chasing his tail, playing with children and learning new tricks.


Developing Junior Ambassador
Reuben is a 15-month-old Weimaraner, who still has a few months to go until he’s considered an adult at 18 months. Until then he’s still growing and having fun being a lap dog, playing games with his dad and enjoying long walks on the beach.


Active Adult Ambassador
Eddie is a small dog with a mighty heart and is a great companion for Lucy’s family, especially her sister Leah. Eddie is a 1-year old Dachshund who loves watching birds, thoroughly enjoys attending dog shows and spending time with his loving family.


Active Adult Ambassador
Poppy’s mum Roxy was inspired by Britain’s Got Talent winners Pudsey and Ashleigh back in 2012 and decided to start teaching 6-year-old Poppy some tricks and begin competing in agility competitions. Poppy is a Cockapoo who is happiest when agility training, running around fields in the countryside and playing with her furry best friend, Fizz.


Thriving Mature Ambassador
The cheeky 7-year-old rescue Charlie is a Jack-Russell-cross-Staffordshire-Bull Terrier. Charlie is a big fan of playing with children in the park and running up and down the stairs and has been well loved and well looked after over the last couple years, however, this has led him to put on a few extra pounds!


Caring Senior Ambassador
Molly is a friendly and loving Golden Labrador. Stephen, Molly’s dad has had so much joy throughout their 9 years together enjoying swimming, eating, playing fetch and snoozing on Stephen’s bed. Like many older dogs Molly has lost some muscle strength, but high-quality protein should help to restore this.

Commenting on the activity, Kellie Ceccarelli, EUKANUBA’s Veterinary Expert says: “No matter their age all dogs should be given the chance to achieve optimal body condition as it gives them the best opportunity to share a long, healthy life together with their owners. And, through this 12 week programme our amazing Ambassadors are going to challenge the theory with a special eating and exercise plan.

"As a nation of pet lovers, we want to do the very best for our dogs but sometimes there’s a misunderstanding between what we think they want and what they really need. We really hope we help our ambassadors learn more about their dog’s nutritional needs so that they can enjoy many more happy and healthy years together and show everyone how EUKANUBA can make a difference to real dog, living real lives in real homes."

The EUKANUBA Ambassadors are trialling the NEW & IMPROVED range which has been developed by nutritionists, recommended by vets and approved by breeders.


Combining fresh chicken1 alongside dry chicken and turkey as concentrated protein sources and other highly digestible animal protein ingredients such as fish meal and dry egg, dogs can enjoy improved taste and digestibility of each EUKANUBA recipe.

For more information about the EUKANUBA Live Life Well Together Ambassadors visit

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