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Ceva launches humorous new TV advertisements

Ceva Animal Health has launched humorous new TV advertisements and partnered with the popular ‘Walking the Dog’ podcast series to raise awareness of its leading pet behaviour products Adaptil and Feliway.


In a new direction for the brands, the humorous new advertisements feature behavioural issue scenarios being acted out by humans instead of pets. These include separation anxiety and fear of loud noises and the vacuum cleaner in dogs and scratching furniture, urine spraying and hiding away due to household visitors in cats.


Running over the festive period, while more people are at home watching TV, the advertisements will air until 20th January 2019, giving Adaptil and Feliway a strong start to the year.  Both advertisements are 30 seconds long and they will reach 15 million people.  They will air on all Channel 4 and Channel 4 partner channels, including Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4, Drama, Good Food, Really, W and Home.  


To view the Adaptil advertisement go to and to watch the Feliway advertisement visit


In a new initiative for Ceva, Adaptil will partner with The Times to support its ‘Walking the Dog’ podcast series hosted by Emily Dean.  Emily is a keen Adaptil fan as she uses it on her Shitzu Raymond to help him cope with life’s challenges. 


During the podcasts she goes on walks with top celebrities and their dogs where they talk about a range of topics including canine centric conversations which will appeal to anybody interested in dogs.  Stars who feature on the podcasts include The Supervet, Jimmy Carr and Rob Bryden. 


An Adaptil advertisement with a voiceover from Emily herself will air before the podcasts begin, in the middle and at the end and it will feature on both the back catalogue of podcasts and new episodes.


To listen to the podcasts go to


“Our new TV advertising campaigns and podcast partnership will boost awareness of both Adaptil and Feliway throughout the festive period and into January, when changes to routine, visitors in the household and loud noises from Christmas crackers and fireworks can challenge even the most laid-back pet,” comments Abigail King, behaviour product manager at Ceva Animal Health.


For further information on Adaptil or Feliway visit or

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