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Purpose built to support health conscious pet parents
PATS Sandown visitor numbers announced – show attracts ‘high quality’ buyers and retailers
Picture round-up from the pet extravaganza
New grooming competition launched at PATS Sandown
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Vital increases service levels by opening new office
Fish4Dogs staff get a slice of the action
Pure Pet Food launches new dog food recipe
Broadreach Nature looks forward to Global Pet Expo
ADAPTIL and FELIWAY launch Pet Anxiety Month in March
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Raw dog food firm recalls products for second time within a month
High Street retailers write to Chancellor calling for business rates reform
Brambles Charity Giveaway a huge success
Couple who sold puppies from illegal 'pet shop' avoid jail
PIF continues to refresh range of benefits for members
Pet lovers prefer a bit of Rovermance on Valentine's Day
Vital says love for pets is driving premium purchases
Henry Bell celebrates National Nest Box Week
The best of last weeks Pet Trade Xtra
PATS Sandown 2020 New Product Awards
PATS Sandown off to great start despite weather
Company says 'adios plastic' with new poop bags
New wholesaler launches into UK pet food market

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Pet lovers prefer a bit of Rovermance on Valentine's Day


Three-quarters of pet owners prefer a bit of Rovermance, rather than partner time, with 75% saying they would give the heave-ho to a partner, if forced to choose between them and their pet.


Nearly one-in-four women (39%) prefer their pet to their partner, whilst more than a quarter of men (26%) say the same.  And 91% of owners think their pets are more loyal than their partners.


These are the findings of a Valentine’s survey by pet website which focused on the love between pet owners and their pets and the third wheel syndrome that can exist when a pet is in the mix.


The survey also found that 92% of interviewees say having a love of animals is a pre-requisite in any future partner and one-in-three (35%) hope a future partner will already have a pet snuggled up at home, when they start a relationship.


Unsurprisingly, half of UK pet owners will be spending Valentine’s Day with their pet and 47% will be treating it to a token of their affection via a gift.


Pets also play a big part in helping lovers hook up.  44% of single men and 31% of unattached women think it’s easier to flirt when with their pet and a whopping 78% of pet owners also say they find people with pets more attractive.  


38% of dog owners and 21% of cat owners have had a romantic encounter thanks to their pet and 72% of pet owners think a pet has made their relationship stronger.


Wamiz’s Country Manager for the UK, Emilie Heyl, says: “Our survey showed that pets have such a special place in people's lives whether they are single or in a  relationship. They bring us love, affection and loyalty and also, when owners are in a relationship, they usually unite the couple. Valentine’s Day is becoming as much about    showing your love of your pet as about romance.”

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