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Petition calling for ban on ‘harmful’ rabbit hutches reaches 26,000 signatures


An online petition calling for a ban on ‘harmful’ rabbit hutches has attracted more than 26,000 signatures.


The Rabibit Welfare Association and Fund is petitioning Zac Goldsmith, the Minister of State for Animal Welfare, on the website and is calling for a new law for minimum housing sizes.


The RWAF states: “Imagine being trapped in a small enclosure for your entire life. Imagine not being able to stand up straight all day. Imagine eating, sleeping and urinating in the same space. That’s the reality for many of the UK’s pet rabbits.

 “There are nearly one million pet rabbits living in UK homes and, although rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK, they are sadly the most neglected. One of the biggest causes of suffering in pet rabbits is inadequate housing, where rabbits can spend as much as 20 hours of their day cramped inside spaces not even big enough for them to stand up.

 “Inadequate sized hutches are both physically and emotionally crippling to pet rabbits, resulting in damaging effects on their health and wellbeing. From causing stress and depression to painful and permanent spinal deformities, small hutches can result in a lifetime of suffering and premature death for pet rabbits.”


The RWAF is seeking a ban on the sale of inadequately sized hutches and wants a legal minimum requirement for rabbit housing – 10ft x 6 ft x 3ft.


“We want retailers to stop stocking small hutches,” adds the RWAF. “If you are a rabbit owner, please refuse to buy small hutches and always advise against it. The longer they are on the market, the longer people think they are acceptable and the longer this pain continues.”


The petition, which can be found by clicking here, had reached 26,056 signatures yesterday (Wednesday). The target is 35,000!

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