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8in1 extend popular Minis range with six innovative new flavours

In response to consumer need, 8in1 has extended the popular Minis range, introducing six innovative new flavours.

The majority of dog owners love to treat and reward their pets however over recent years, over-feeding has led to an increase in health problems and overall dog obesity. As such, owners are becoming more aware of the treats they are feeding their dogs and are actively searching for products with a clear nutritional value and benefit for their beloved pets.

In response to this trend, 8in1 have extended the 8in1 Minis offering, providing an extensive range of healthy and beneficial treats to satisfy this health and indulgence need.

8in1 Minis are bite-size treats which are a healthy supplement to every dog’s diet. They are enriched with vitamins, low in fat and contain no added sugar or gluten, and are therefore also suitable for sensitive dogs. These bite size dog treats are now available in six new and unique flavours: Fish and Tomato; Lamb and Spinach; Turkey and Pumpkin; Duck and Plum; Beef and Fennel, and Venison and Blueberry.

The attractive, two-colour design – available in flower or ring shapes – and the meal-like composition of the products will also appeal to consumers in store. Dog owners can be sure that by offering their pets the new 8in1 Minis, they are giving them a healthy reward that not only tastes great, but also provides them with many essential nutrients. With one product size for all dogs, this is also the perfect product for multi-dog households.

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