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Mobile phone app tells owners how much food to give their dogs
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Mobile phone app tells owners how much food to give their dogs

A calorie-counting app is available for dog owners to ensure they provide their animals with a healthy, balanced diet...

An owner simply adds his or her dog's age, breed and size into the Pedigree Tracks app and it will automatically create a menu with the right amount of calories for them.

the launch of the app comes as a study warns that almost half of the UK's dogs are now classed as overweight, a figure which is set to worsen as two thirds of owners with overweight dogs don't realise their pet's health is at risk.

The study, conducted on behalf of Pedigree by Professor Mike Davies from the University of Nottingham and supported by research undertaken with UK dog owners, has identified that lack of exercise isn't the only issue currently facing dogs today.

Overfeeding is also a major issue with 44% of dog owners not using any feeding guidelines and a further 13% filling their dog's bowl whenever it seems hungry.

Jo Ladbrook, dog portfolio director at Pedigree said: "It's often confusing to know when, what and how to care for your dog - especially for people who are new to dog ownership.

"This is why we've created the free Pedigree Tracks App as it helps to eliminate the confusion around dog ownership, including the lack of awareness around the length of time your dog needs to be active and for some, the guilt often associated with treating your dog."
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