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Campaign to reduce Jersey's dog mess problem

A new campaign by Jersey's Environment Department is aiming to reduce dog mess across the island.

'Proud of you for picking up my poo' is targeting 10 hot spots with posters and poo bags to encourage dog owners to clean up after their pets.

The worst areas were recently revealed in a survey which included: Havre des Pas, Jardin d'Olivet, La Pouquelaye, Noirmont Point, Portelet Common, Ouaisne Common, Queen's Valley Reservoir, Rue des Près footpath, St Ouen's sand dunes and St Catherine's Woods.

Campaign posters, badges and free emergency biodegradable poo bags are all available in pet shops, garden centres, the JSPCA animal shelter, parish halls and veterinary surgeries.

Jane Burns, from the Jersey Environment Department, said: "Identifying the worst affected parts of the Island will help us to focus our efforts.

"Obviously, we want the message to get out across the whole of Jersey but now we understand the areas where some extra targeted work is needed.

"We hope that by drawing attention to this issue, the public will help persuade people to be responsible and help reduce the amount of dog poo across Jersey."

The department is reminding dog owners that they face fines for failing to pick up after their animal.

It also states it's a public health risk as dog faeces contain diseases and parasites which can infect other animals and humans.

It also pollutes water because it contains high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus.

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