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Innovative pet hair removal brush launched by The Company of Animals

Keeping clothes and furniture clean when working around animals or keeping pets can be a real issue.

To meet this everyday challenge The Company of Animals has recently launched the Lilly Brush BE FOREVER FURLESS™, a new and innovative design of hair removal brush to eliminate pet hair from clothes, upholstery, bedding and even carpets. 

A category leader in the USA, Lilly Brush is now receiving great reviews from UK pet owners since the product launched here in July. The brush has specially engineered bristles that quickly collect pet hair, household lint and even wipe away dried muddy paw prints. The clever design means the Lilly Brush is tough on pet hair but can be used on even the most delicate fabrics such as cashmere. It is both hygienic and reusable making it very cost effective compared to a lint roller.    

The Lilly Brush comes in two sizes. Lilly Brush large (RRP £11.99) is very robust and excellent for daily use around the house. Its durability and comfortable ergonomic handle also make it great for use in animal work environments such as groomers, kennels, vets and equine yards.  Lilly Brush Mini (RRP £8.99), with its compact size and handy case, is perfect for everyday on the go, in car and travelling.

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