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Kinder Cat Litter launched to independent retailer market

A new highly efficient cat litter has been launched, targeting independent retailers who cater to the more discerning cat owner.

One of KernelKat cat litter’s key selling points is its distinct advantage of being flushable down any domestic toilet, as it is made from biodegradable, environmentally friendly corn kernels.

Thanks to a unique production process and the innovative use of one of nature’s most effective capillary systems, the litter is proven to last much longer than other eco or non-eco cat litters – saving money for cat owners and encouraging regular repeat business for stores.

Exclusively available to independent and boutique stores, KernelKat will not be sold in major supermarkets and chain retailers, ensuring its independent retail customers are provided with a niche premium product, competitive wholesale prices and a typical 40 per cent margin after VAT.

Gary Wheway, founder of KernelKat, said: “This litter will prove a huge hit with eco-aware animal lovers who only want the best for their cats. We’ve already had great feedback from our pilot testers in catteries, animal rescue centres, and members of the public who valued its outstanding odour control and unrivalled absorbency.

“When the litter is used, liquid is absorbed into ‘clumps’, which cat owners then remove - rather than replenishing the entire tray and wasting product. It also eradicates tracking, meaning cats do not tread messy litter across clean carpets and floors.”

Independently tested by Genon Laboratories in West Yorkshire, the litter is also proven to effectively eliminate the risk of formation of aflatoxin, the naturally occurring fungus that can occur on some eco cat litters and that is seriously dangerous if digested by felines.

KernelKat is displayed in bright, eye-catching, recyclable packaging, designed to stand out on shelves. Retailers are also supported with an instore media kit including shelf strips, barkers, wobblers, and an optional FSDU unit. KernelKat is also promoted through an extensive national social media and PR campaign, ramping up consumer demand and creating a community of eco-aware cat owners who do not settle for anything less than the best products for their pets.

KernelKat Natural is the first scent available in the UK and is distributed throughout Europe by Woodside AC Trading Ltd, with new fragrances due to be released in early 2016.

Products are now available to order in a range of recyclable bag sizes, including bright, eye-catching green 5l, 10l and 20l packs. Purchasing options vary to suit the retailer, with additional drop ship support for retailers with e-commerce sales channels available upon request.

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