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Pet Industry Federation responds to criticism over its stance on selling puppies in pet shops

The Pet Industry Federation has invited TV vet Marc Abraham to contact the organistion to discuss the ongoing row over selling puppies in pet shops. Abraham had accused PIF of being the primary opposition to calls for a ban in stores.

PIF issued a statement this week following the vet's comments in a blog published on the Huffington Post website called: 'Why Does the Pet Industry Federation (PIF) Continue to Withhold Public Information?'

PIF said: "The Pet Industry Federation wholeheartedly supports any effort to improve the welfare of animals both within in our own industry and in a wider context. Indeed, as a professional membership organisation we work tirelessly with all our members to support them in making the welfare of animals their number one priority.

"We would encourage Marc Abraham to get in touch with PIF directly so that we can work together towards this common goal."

Pet Trade Xtra contacted Marc Abraham to see if he would accept PIF's invitation to contact them.

He responded: "It's difficult to contact someone directly when they've publicly said they'll never reply to me, and have also blocked me on twitter.

"The iissue I'm asking them about – i.e. their two PIF members selling puppies – is a matter of public interest so will make no difference whether I contact them or not with regard to the information I'm requesting. I ask again, why are they withholding public information and not telling anyone who those two PIF members they defend that continue to sell puppies are?"

In his Huffington Post blog, t
he founder of PupAid says: “The huge pet shop demand for puppies sustains establishments that breed puppies in large quantities with minimal costs. Inevitably this results in low standards of welfare and is the generally accepted definition of a 'puppy farm.'

“These establishments must produce and sell large numbers of puppies to survive but do not have a sufficient customer base due to poor conditions and geographical location. As a result they depend on selling to pet shops.

“The baseline is that pet shops and intensive, low welfare breeding establishments are intrinsically linked as they need and support each other. Banning the sale of puppies in pet shops would greatly reduce, if not almost eliminate, the need for 'puppy farms' to exist.”

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