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Pet owners warned about dognapping gangs' secret markings
Dog owners are being warned of suspicious markings which are believed to have been daubed onto homes by dognapping gangs.

The symbols have been drawn on the front of properties and are thought to represent whether small, medium or large dogs live at the address.

It is thought the clandestine signs are being used in the planning stages of dognappings so heartless thieves can return to homes at a later date.

Neighbourhood watch co-ordinators in Bristol have now revealed how pink, yellow and red crosses have been left on a number of properties in the Nailsea area of the city.

A 'cross' is thought to be used to signal a "good target", with a pink one for small dogs, yellow for medium, and red for larger breeds.

One victim from the area, who found a yellow crayon cross high on her door, said: "At first I thought it may have been children messing around but the fact it was at the top of the door made me think it had been put there by an adult.

"I remember seeing stories on social media about dog thieves marking houses to show a dog was living there, only to come back and steal it later.

"To find this on my door really worried me so I reported to to police immediately."

Police say no dog thefts have been reported in the area, but urged anyone who found the marks to wash them off immediately.
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