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Uproar over ‘Pets make great Christmas presents’ sign in Jollyes
A poster advertising ‘Pets make great Christmas presents’ and displayed in a Jollyes store has caused uproar with animal lovers throughout the UK.

Social media sites Facebook and Twitter were bombarded with comments from disgruntled people who felt the message was at odds with responsible pet care.

On Facebook, Northern Ireland says "NO"  to Animal Cruelty remarked: “It was brought to our attention that Jollyes Petfood Superstores allegedly had the attached poster displayed in one of their stores, which as you can imagine caused outrage amongst people as it sends a wholly irresponsible message and at a time of year where there are many campaigns against this type of mentality.”

Another person wrote: “I work in a small independent pet shop I also have a degree in animal care and always the animals come first. And no pet should be bought just as a Christmas present.”

Other comments included: “Any animal is for life not just for xmas”; “This is nonsense, stop selling pets as gifts”; “Most animals bought as pets for Christmas are abused because of ignorance or simply because the person loses interest.”

The poster is believed to have been displayed in a Jollyes store in Bedford. Below ‘Pets make great Christmas presents’, it stated ‘Please note that last day you will be able to purchase any pets is 23rd December. We do this in the interests of the pet’s health as they need 24 hours to settle in to a new home before being handled.’

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