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Tetra launches Aquatics App to revolutionise water testing
Many consumers neglect to test their aquarium water, either because they find it too daunting or because they are unaware of the need to do so.

However, good water quality is crucial; it is the key to fishkeeping success and if water parameters are correct, then the fishkeeping experience will be simple and enjoyable.

Aquatic leaders, Tetra, have responded by lauching the FREE Tetra Digital Water Test app, enabling consumers to monitor water quality. The innovative app promises to make the process as easy and precise as possible for fishkeepers by analysing water conditions and recommending appropriate solutions.

The Tetra Digital Water Test helps to analyse the most important water parameters in an aquarium, which include total hardness (GH), carbonate hardness (KH), pH, nitrite, nitrate and chlorine. For an uncomplicated and accurate reading of these water values, the consumer simply needs to use Tetra’s 6in1 test strips, and carry out the measurement according to the type of test and as described in the app. The need to compare tests with a colour chart is eradicated, which can often be difficult to read and analyse. Additional parameters – namely, ammonia, phosphate, iron and oxygen – can be measured using liquid tests.

Once testing has been completed, the app will provide extensive test results, background information and suggest a course of action and an appropriate product, helping the fishkeeper to keep their aquarium in the best condition possible. Although regular tests (done without the use of the app) help to identify the problem, they don’t then go onto provide a recommendation on next steps, which can cause confusion and frustration for a new fishkeeper.

Céline Rignault, Trade Marketing Manager at Tetra comments: “At Tetra, we are dedicated to the success of the fishkeeping hobby and as such, we aim to make the journey as simple and enjoyable as we possibly can for all fish keepers. We know the importance of water testing and how bad experiences can be off-putting, hence our latest aquatic innovation.  As well as the practical benefits for the user, the app also promotes customer conversations with a more technology focussed and digital-savvy audience and can boost sales of the recommended care products”. 

The app provides users with future reminders to ensure the  aquarium inhabitants are kept in a sustainably good enviromnent, and previous results can be saved to provide a record of previous tests and to enable comparisons. To make things as easy as possible for consumers, there is a ‘how-to’ video to guide them through exactly how to conduct their water testing and analysis. This can be found on the app, and also via the Tetra website.

The app provides guidance and help in all areas of fishkeeping with a detailed FAQ and tips section, as well as an integrated retailer search, supporting aquatics stores around the UK by driving footfall.

To promote further sales, over August and September Tetra will be offering 2 free 6in1 test strips and a leaflet about the app with every purchase of TetraMin 250ml and AquaSafe 250ml.

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