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Tetra introduces New Starter Line Aquarium

Tetra has created the perfect starter package ideal for those wanting to take up fishkeeping as a New Year hobby. The new Starter Line 54L aquarium has everything your customers need to get started including the relevant equipment, feed and care products.

The Starter Line expands Tetra’s aquarium range to include an entry level price line which will generate impulse purchases as well as subsequent purchase of the EasyCrystal filter cartridges ensuring customer retention.

The complete aquarium set includes:

  • A sturdy glass aquarium with the following dimensions: 60 x 30 x 30 cm (54L volume)
  • A high-quality, stylish cover with 6-watt LED lighting  and a convenient feeding hatch
  • Effective Tetra EasyCrystal Filterbox for clean, crystal-clear water – supplied with two filter cartridges
  • Reliable 50-watt heater – pre-set to 25°C
  • TetraMin complete diet for tropical fish and Tetra AquaSafe water conditioner, which immediately makes your tap water safe for fish

The Starter Line aquarium set is ideal for a simple and safe introduction to the fascinating underwater world of fishkeeping. The easy installation and low maintenance features of the Starter Line are the perfect selling points to draw your customers in. All they need to worry about is personalising their tank!

“To continue on the wave of success after the introduction of our latest Cascade Globe, Peppa Pig and Explorer aquariums we realised that there was a place for an entry level aquarium,`' says Céline Rignault, Trade Marketing Manager at Tetra.

“This led to the opportunity to expand to include the Starter Line, carrying the Tetra stamp of recognised quality and decades of trust. With this we believe that this low investment cost for new comers will attract new consumers to the fishkeeping hobby.

"Furthermore demonstrating how easy it can be to take part, which is why we have launched an aquarium which includes everything needed to get started.”

The Starter Line Aquarium has an RRP of £69.95. For more information about Tetra, visit

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