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Specialist pet food firm goes quackers

Specialist dog food company CSJ has agreed to sponsor Meirion Owen and his unique Quack Pack.

Meirion is an accomplished and well-respected sheepdog handler, judge and event organizer and his Quack Pack provides hilariously entertaining duck herding demonstrations for the general public and corporate clients. 

The Quack Pack team of Border Collies and comical Indian Runner ducks provide entertaining, educational and interactive displays at local, regional and national shows, as well as private events.

Meirion's duck herding demonstrations are designed to showcase the amazing talents of Border Collies and the communication between handler and dog.

He provides his own humorous commentary as he uses a combination of commands to guide his dogs and cooperative (and sometimes uncooperative) Indian Runner ducks around a course that includes tunnels, slides and pens.

Watch Meirion’s demonstrations and you will be amazed at the wisdom of the Quack Pack Border Collies and experience first-hand what "Come Bye," "Away," "Walk" and "Stand" mean to a Border Collie.

Indian Runner Ducks are used for the Quack Pack. These are an extraordinary looking duck with quite short legs and a tall, upright body - much like a penguin. They can be up to 14” tall and can weigh around 3 to 5 lbs. As their name suggests, they run rather than waddle.

The Quack Pack Indian Runner Ducks have instant appeal as they are very social, comical, daring, have endless amounts of energy, and are eager to please in every performance.

CSJ’s Ceri Rundle says: “We know Meirion well and are delighted to be able to support such a fun, popular and innovative activity which showcases Meirion’s skills as a handler and the Border Collie breed’s superlative capabilities.”

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