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Dogs on the Dole: Channel 4 follows dire situation after 9,000 pets were put down in Britain last year

There's been a sharp rise in dog ownership in Britain according to the latest statistics and with nearly 9,000 being put down last year things are at breaking point.

A large number of strays get abandoned because owners cannot afford to care for them and Channel 4 takes a look behind the scenes of those who have to take care of our favourite four-legged friends.

In the one-off documentary, Dogs on the Dole, the show visits those pets who are getting dumped on the doorstep of charity Dogs Trust.

The organisation has to try and cope with the problem, but the rising trend of designer pups and dangerous breeding has them stretched.

The number or strays on the street has risen from 97,000 since the mid noughties to over 110,000 this year and with 8.5million dog owners in the UK the struggle to re-house them is real.

In the areas where money is tight the numbers of strays goes up and it's even more tempting when there's talk of ways to make money off breeding their pets.

One owner is told to neuter his much prized bulldog but a local 'dog man' has a way of checking whether she is fertile enough to produce it's own litter.

Another owner needs to be taught the how to give their dog a balanced diet that isn't toast and Nutella for breakfast - all paid for by her benefits.

The programme follows those owners on Britain's housing estates and the Dogs Trust owners who give out free advice to those owners who can't afford to pay for vet bills.

* Dogs on the Dole airs Thursday July 23 at 10pm on Channel 4.
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