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Beaphar pledge donations to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
New vet squad on a mission to protect vulnerable pets
Two UK pet owners to launch Natural Dog Conference
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New pet shop to open in Ripon
Wolverhampton pet shop gets new owner
Pet sitter retires from ‘the loveliest job in the world'
£2,000 parrot stolen from Cheshire pet shop
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Wildlife World donate products to support two TV gardening shows
Peterborough business chief in 73-mile walk for dog rescue charity
Pet shop burglar jailed for three years
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Beaphar pledge donations to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
Beaphar UK has pledged a £1 donation from the sale of every pack of Beaphar One Dose Wormer for Dogs to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People sold during Worm Awareness Week, which starts on September 27.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a national charity whose mission is to train hearing dogs to alert deaf adults and children to important sounds and danger signals, providing independence, confidence and companionship. However, deafness is more than just hearing loss; hearing dogs also help to relieve the stress, isolation and loneliness that deafness can often bring.

Almost 10 million people in the UK are deaf or have a hearing loss- that’s  1 in 6 of the population and the problem is growing.

It costs a total of £40,000 for the breeding, training and lifelong care of each hearing dog for the expected 10 years of its working life. Each £5,000 raised allows Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to start a puppy on an 18-month journey to become a hearing dog of the future.

Beaphar UK has been running a national Worm Awareness Week for many years, the aim of which is to highlight the importance of worming pets regularly. By worming a pet every 3 months with a vet strength treatment such as Beaphar One Dose Wormer for Dogs or Beaphar Cat Granules for Cats, owners can be sure to keep worms at bay.

To support this very worthy charity and watch your worming sales grow at the same time, call 0333 0066236 or email to schedule a worm control training session or find out about our worming campaign for 2015.

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