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Residents angry over plans to turn pet shop into an off-licence

A petition to stop a pet store from becoming a shop selling discounted alcohol has gathered over 900 signatures from concerned residents.

Happy Pets in Saulfland Place, Highcliffe, Dorset, is set to close with off-licence chain Moorland Wines planning to move into the premises. 

But hundreds of local residents are objecting to the plans, fearing the bargain booze store would encourage antisocial behaviour in the area.

Jim Alexander, owner of the Mace store and Post Office in Saulfland Place, is also against the off licence and has made objections to the licensing committee.

“We’ve been running the petition since last Thursday and the response has been overwhelming with over 900 signatures so far. It shows the strength of local feeling about this,” he said.

Huw Banks, organiser of the petition, said: “I'm very concerned about the potential for social misbehaviour that would come about as a result of this shop opening.

"I am not trying to stop anyone making a living, but there are already six or seven establishments selling alcohol within a mile, so I'm struggling to see what could be achieved by opening another one.

"The late night opening till 11pm also seems excessive. This is a quiet neighbourhood and we don't want that to be spoiled."

Several councillors for Christchurch Borough Council have also voiced their objections to the off licence. Cllr Lesley Dedman said: “As a resident, mother and grandmother I am totally against it.

“If nothing else, it will be a bad influence and encourage people to loiter. So far in Saulfland, people don’t hang about and make trouble, and I’m very much concerned that having this off licence will encourage gatherings and the possibility of alcohol being purchased for underage drinkers, as there are a lot of schools in the area.”

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