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Blackpool Zoo tries to dissuade man from buying a pet giraffe
Blackpool Zoo has found itself having to dissuade man from purchasing a pet giraffe for Christmas.

Calling himself ‘Chudders’, the man emailed the zoo with the query: "Is it possible to buy and own a giraffe in Scotland? I’ve been after a giraffe for years now and I want to make it a reality now”.

He was sure to emphasise that he had “a decent sized back garden” and “an upstairs/downstairs house so it could be fed from the bedroom window without any hassle”.

A guest services coordinator at the zoo replied to Chudders, informing him that giraffes “aren’t ideal as pets”.

They told him that his neighbours were most likely going to be displeased about their trees being eaten.

“Giraffes also need licencing for keeping in the UK,” Jude, from Blackpool Zoo, wrote back.

“This is considerably more expensive than your TV licence.

“Another condition of licence would be that a suitable building is needed. Planning permission is very expensive nowadays and it also costs quite a lot to heat said house to suit a giraffe which, of course, is used to African temperatures.”

The zoo recommended he went for the hamster instead, because “you can keep your marriage, pets and neighbours intact without fear of big holes in the lawn or a huge head blocking the light through your bedroom windows”.
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