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'Too clean' pet shop complaint goes viral on Facebook

What started as a tongue-in-cheek complaint about the cleanliness of a pet shop has gone viral with tens of thousands of people joining in the debate.

Carol Hobbs wrote a letter to Pets at Home on Facebook after returning from a visit to the Workington store with her husband Chris and four-year-old springer spaniel Jasmine.

She said the shop was “too clean” so Jasmine was unable to pick up left over biscuits from the floor, resulting in a very unhappy pooch.

But the post, ‘written’ by Jasmine, now has more than 20,000 people liking it and thousands of others commenting. It has been shared all over the world and Carol, who lives at Crosby Villa, is getting hundreds of friend requests on a daily basis.

Carol, who works for Cumbria Highways, said: “It all started as a joke after we had been to our local Pets at Home store. I did my usual wandering around buying the things we needed while my husband Chris walked Jasmine to the dog food area so she could do her favourite thing – act like a police dog and search the store, not for drugs or devices, but something more interesting, biscuits.”

But within minutes Chris and Jasmine had returned to Carol, as Jasmine was unhappy because there wasn’t any biscuits left to find. “When we got home we thought it would be funny to write the letter as it would have been written by Jasmine – from a dogs point of view,” said Carol.

“We sat having fun thinking of what she would say and what her reasons for the complaint would be, and it just grew into a funny complaint.”

In Jasmine’s “complaint” she says she considered herself an “honorary employee” who worked really hard to clean up all of the loose biscuits in the store.

“To my dismay today there were no biscuits laying in between the food bags or on the floor next to the self serve treat area ...

“After checking and then rechecking the store and discovering there were no biscuits I had to resign myself to the fact your store was very clean which I was not impressed with,” she wrote.

And because the visit was cut short it resulted in Jasmine not receiving as many treats and toys.

But Pets at Home have now resolved that issue by sending gift vouchers to spend in store, as well as a “letter of apology” to Jasmine.

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